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Custom Award and Recognition Scholarship

A $500 Scholarship for You and Recognition for Someone That Deserves It

The FineAwards.com Custom Award and Recognition Scholarship is a competitive award for college students interested in sharing their story about someone in their life that deserves to be recognized.

FineAwards.com works with Fortune 500 companies, sports franchises, charities and individuals around the world helping them recognize their employees and show appreciation towards those who have made a significant difference. We want to know about a person who helped, inspired and/or motivated you. It could be a parent, sibling, friend or other role model. It could be someone you know or a stranger that you witnessed paying it forward anonymously without any expectation to be recognized for their commitment, bravery, hard work or values. 

Who do you feel is most deserving of recognition in your life? Tell us your story and you can win a $500 scholarship and the opportunity to present your special person with the amazing award and recognition they deserve. 

How to Apply

Unlike most scholarships which require an essay to apply, the FineAwards.com Custom Award and Recognition Scholarship lets you use your phone or camera to create your video application.

  • Create a video (3 minutes or less) explaining who deserves to be recognized. Be thoughtful and creative.
  • Post your video to YouTube with the title "FineAwards.com Custom Award and Recognition Scholarship". Make sure it is publicly viewable.
  • Submit the Scholarship Application above. Be sure to include your video link.


  • Students from all disciplines are encouraged to apply. Just be passionate about why this person deserves to be recognized.


  • The winner will receive a five hundred dollar ($500) scholarship (for their use) along with a recognition award to present to a person of their choice.
  • Two runners up will receive a recognition award to present to a person of their choice.
  • The scholarship is awarded bi-annually on June 30th and December 31st of each year. The application deadline is June 15th and December 15th of each year.

Good luck and have fun!  We look forward to seeing you and your recognition superstars.

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