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3D Crystal Awards

In the realm of recognition, nothing speaks of luxury and elegance quite like a 3D crystal award. We've taken crystal awards to new heights at Fine Awards, offering a collection that seamlessly blends sophistication with state-of-the-art laser engraving technology.

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3D Crystal Awards

Different from traditional crystal engraving, our 3D crystal awards are more than just trophies; they're a testament to achievement, skill, and dedication. Each piece, meticulously crafted, captures moments in stunning three-dimensional detail. Every award tells a story, from the intricate designs within the crystal cube awards to the precision of our laser-engraved logos.

Custom 3D Laser Crystal Awards & Trophies

3D laser engraved crystals make wonderful corporate gifts, recognition awards, promotional pieces and keepsakes. Our laser etched 3D crystals awards and trophies are produced using our digital 3D laser engraving systems that engrave your 3D images inside optically perfect crystal, causing the image to appear to FLOAT within the crystal.

3D Laser Crystal Awards and Trophies are created with one or more of the 1000+ stock images from in our extensive library at no extra charge. Stock image laser engraved crystal awards include engraving and are designed to fit your company's needs.

3D laser crystal trophies and awards never fail to impress. Present these high-perceived value custom crystal award pieces and leave the recipient wondering how this could possibly be done. Choose your favorite shape and size within your budget and we will take care of the rest. Buy now from our stock designs or fill out a request and get your custom 3d laser engraving project started today.

Why Choose Fine Awards for 3D Crystal Awards?

  • Unparalleled Elegance: Our collection embodies luxury, with each award being a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship.
  • Precision Laser Engraving: Using advanced laser technology, we bring your vision to life in three dimensions, ensuring every detail is captured.
  • Customization at its Best: Choose from various sizes, add your logo, and let our experts engrave your message with precision.
  • Swift and Secure Delivery: We prioritize your needs, ensuring quick delivery without compromising the safety of your award.

Whether to honor a corporate milestone, recognize an outstanding employee, or commemorate a special event, our 3D crystal awards epitomize luxury and elegance. Dive into our collection, view the intricate details, and select an award that resonates with your brand's commitment to excellence.

About 3D Laser Engraved Crystal

3D laser engraved crystal awards make wonderful corporate gifts, recognition awards, promotional pieces, and keepsakes. Our 3D laser etched crystal awards are produced using our digital laser etching systems that engrave your 3D images inside the optically perfect crystal, causing the image to appear to FLOAT within the crystal.

We can also create custom awards with 3D laser engraving to meet your needs. Share your vision, and we will handle the rest. By using 3D laser engraving machines to make 3-D etchings, you'll get marvelous results on your custom awards that you won't get with other etching methods.

Using this 3-D laser engraving method, your creativity is endless because you can upload any images into the computer and have them engraved onto the crystal awards and plaques. We can do the basics with 3-D laser engravings such as company emblems and full images of people, photographs, newspaper clippings, and machinery.

Once the subsurface etching is complete, you can get a unique view of the image from all sides of the award. This method isn't limited to award shapes either; you can use stock and original designs you want, and it will look splendid.

3D Laser Engraving: How It Works and Why You Should Try It

Have you ever wanted a product that stands out from the others or the ordinary? This is our company's philosophy, and we use this winning attitude when designing awards with a 3D laser engraving machine. One of the many unique custom crystal awards we offer at is our 3D laser engraved awards. These pieces are truly like no other because 3D laser engraved crystal awards feature a 3D holographic image floating inside of a piece of solid crystal. This floating image, or bubblegram, is an elegant, classy way to personalize a crystal award. Have you ever wondered how we create that floating image? Here, we've simplified the 3D laser engraving process into three steps.

1: Creating the Template

One stand-alone attribute of 3D laser engraved awards is using any 2D image as the focal point of what's being engraved. But, we must create a template to engrave a 3D image from a 2D image! To do this, we upload the image of your choice to the machine. Afterward, your image is converted to a 3D series of points that the laser engraving machine uses as a stencil for engraving, where the laser will engrave your image. Each 3D laser engraving uses tens of thousands of points. A bubblegram as small as 5 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm could use as many as 60,000 points!

2: Align the Crystal

Before we begin the engraving process, we line up the award piece with the laser engraver. Many engravers have just one laser from one point, but some have two lasers from two sides.

These two-sided lasers are more difficult to align, but once aligned, we fix the crystal to the base of the machine to prevent it from moving around during engraving, as the laser's vibrations and energy can cause the crystal to shift. Proper alignment, especially in a two-sided laser, is essential to ensure the engraving looks its best.

3: Etching Your Image

Finally, your crystal is ready for engraving! A laser (or lasers) is aimed at each point individually and pulsed. Each pulse creates a tiny hole or etch point, in the crystal. The energy at the end of the laser is what causes the distortion, not the length of the beam, allowing for carving inside the crystal without damage to the outside surface.

The final 3D laser engraving is also called a laser-induced damage image because the laser effectively damages the crystal inside. To add more dimension to your 3D crystal photo, the size of the etch points can be changed. Points with larger diameters result in brighter points, and smaller diameters create dimmer points. Through this, the crystal hologram comes to life!

Benefits of 3D Engravings

So, the question arises, why should I consider 3D engraved awards for my next purchase?

There are two areas where using 3D engraving methods outweigh other methods like sandblasting.

1. Timeliness: This is the best method if you need your awards designed and shipped quickly. Because it takes less time and manpower to get awards engraved with a 3D laser engraver than sandblasting, multiple award pieces can be finished faster.

2. Uniqueness and Aesthetic: 3D engraved awards are distinctive from other traditional pieces because of the award's appearance once the engraving process has finished. A completed 3D engraved award piece has a striking, floating design that can be seen from all angles. Delicate white lines make up your design; with clear strokes, the white lines bring out all of the features in your selected image, whether they're text or graphics.

We offer awards designed with a 3D laser engraving in many sizes in a wide selection of crystal awards. If none of these fit your needs, or you want to make your award extra special, you can design your crystal award featuring a custom 3D laser engraving!