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What is Crystal?

When trying to choose the kind of glass for a recognition award, it may come down to personal preference. While some individuals may like the crystal clear look, others may opt for jade, which offers a slight green finish.

Optical Crystal

Among the finest of all crystal, our collection is made from the highest quality raw materials available resulting in absolutely clear and flawless crystal. Optical crystal is manufactured in large sheets then pressed under enormous pressure to ensure it has no bubbles or distortions. Our awards are made from the same materials used in camera lenses, NASA telescopes and high-end visual equipment. Unlike Lead Crystal, Optical crystal is lead free which is perfect for all kinds of engraving methods though we choose to sand blast, which provides the highest quality etch on the market. Each piece is hand polished and beveled to perfection to ensure the ultimate in corporate recognition products. We have a large selection of crystal awards and crystal gifts available in this high-end, high perceived value material.

3D Laser Crystal

While this cutting edge technology has been in the market for some years now, we are still perfecting the art by using our lasers to capture your logo and image inside crystal. We use only the finest in optically clear crystal to ensure your piece is perfect every time. Whether it's a simple logo and text, or an architectural design, 3D is the perfect combination of elegance, beauty and hi-tech laser imagery. Our computers program the high powered, green laser to enter the crystal at precise locations and crack the crystal at thousands of points, within a fraction of one another to recreate your image. We use only the newest lasers ensuring our dots per cubic inch ratio is the highest available in the industry. Our combination of quality, service and price is unmatched and 3D laser awards is still the wave of the future in the recognition industry.

Lead Crystal

Each of our 24% Lead Crystal vases and bowls were created with large engraving areas to ensure plenty of space to add all your text and logos. Our artisans hand blow and hand cut each piece with the utmost care and passion for this noble and traditional art.

Starfire Crystal

Our clear glass is a lead free, low iron product that mimics the high perceived value of crystal, but at a cost conscious price point. The raw material for these glass sheets adhere to the highest quality standards. The beautiful polish and beveling on each piece creates a brilliant reflection that has a slight white fiery sparkle, giving it the name. We offer this glass in ½" and ¾" options and have a large selection of glass awards made from this amazing material. Our starfire clear glass is available in many shapes like flames, diamonds, and towers. We also offer clear glass corporate gifts like clocks, paperweights, and desk accessories.

Jade Glass

The green tint in jade is caused by the iron ore content. While this material not only offers a beautiful hint of something extra, it's also economically friendly due to the iron content.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the low amount of iron in clear glass causes it to have the same effect as crystal, however it does not cost as much, which can be good for those who want the brilliance of crystal but cannot afford the higher price point. Clear glass gives the option of opulence at a fraction of the cost.

Ultimately, both jade and clear glass are economical options for awards. While some people may prefer the brilliant shade of green that jade glass can provide, others may want the additional sparkle that comes from clear glass awards. Each piece is hand polished and beveled to achieve its sparkling edge and delicate facets that bring out the beauty. Don't be fooled by companies that try to mislead their customers with fancy names for their jade glass awards by suggesting that it is a crystal award. The jade coloring is only available in glass awards.

Marble Awards

Typically offered in dark green or black, this material is created by Mother Nature and is unique because of its variations in colors and patterns. Each piece is slightly different from another piece adding to its natural beauty. All items are sand etched to perfection and we strongly recommend color-filling to bring out a strong contrast in the engraved area. Marble awards are available in many shapes and styles including towers and plaques. We also offer a marble line of corporate gifts including clocks and pen sets.