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Eco Friendly Awards & Sustainable Trophies

At, we offer a unique blend of recognition and environmental responsibility. Our eco-friendly awards and sustainable trophies are not just about celebrating achievements, but also about demonstrating your company's commitment to the planet. We stand out by providing corporate awards that not only honor recipients but also contribute positively to the environment, making us the ideal choice for companies like yours.

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Eco Friendly Awards & Sustainable Trophies

Making a Green Statement with Every Award

By choosing for your recognition needs, you are getting high-quality awards and making a significant contribution to the environment. Our dedication to reducing environmental impact is evident in our selection of awards made from sustainable and recycled materials. This choice not only displays your company's commitment to sustainability but also sets you apart as a leader in corporate responsibility.

Materials Used in Our Eco-Friendly Awards

Our commitment to the environment is reflected in the diverse range of sustainable materials we use to create our eco-friendly awards and trophies. Each material is chosen for its aesthetic appeal and low environmental impact, helping your company honor achievements in an Earth-friendly way.


One of the fastest-growing plants, bamboo is an excellent material for eco-friendly awards due to its sustainability and durability. It also lends a warm, natural look to any trophy or plaque, making it ideal for any recognition event.

Recycled Glass:

By using recycled glass, we turn what would be waste into beautiful, vibrant awards. Each piece of recycled glass is unique, ensuring no two awards are identical. This material reduces landfill waste and decreases the energy used in the production process.

Reclaimed Wood:

Sourced from various locations, reclaimed wood comes with a rich history that adds an extra layer of meaning to each award. Whether it's wood salvaged from old buildings or discarded furniture, this material brings a rustic charm and historical depth to your recognition pieces, invoking a sense of nostalgia and appreciation.

Each of these materials is meticulously chosen and crafted to ensure that while your awards look stunning, they also uphold your company's commitment to sustainability. By choosing, you can be confident that your corporate awards reflect both excellence and environmental responsibility.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Recognition

Opting for sustainable awards brings numerous benefits:

  1. It reduces the carbon footprint associated with producing and disposing of traditional awards.
  2. It sets a powerful example for employees, encouraging them to consider their environmental impacts.
  3. It enhances your company's brand as a leader in corporate responsibility, appealing to eco-conscious customers and stakeholders.

Custom Sustainable Awards

At, we understand that your company's values are unique. That's why we offer extensive customization options for our eco-friendly awards. Every detail can be tailored to reflect your company's ethos and commitment to sustainability from the initial design to the final engraving. Our process is transparent, with no hidden costs or fees, ensuring you are not just a customer, but a valued partner in this journey towards sustainability.

Choosing our sustainable trophies and plaques means you are not just recognizing individual or team achievements but also making a statement about your company's values and dedication to the environment. Our unique designs and quality materials ensure that each award is not only a symbol of accomplishment but also of your commitment to a healthier planet.

By integrating's eco-friendly awards into your recognition program, you are taking a significant step towards a more sustainable future. Embrace this opportunity to celebrate success and promote environmental stewardship simultaneously.