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Custom Plaque Awards & Recognition Trophy Plaques will help you recognize your employees' accomplishments with an impressive array of high-quality plaque awards and business trophy plaques. Part of our large line of corporate awards, award plaques are one of the most tried and true presentation pieces. A custom award plaque makes for stunning recognition plaques that will show your recipients how much you appreciate the commitment they bring to your organization.

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Custom Plaque Awards & Recognition Trophy Plaques

Plaques and Awards

A plaque award comes in various shapes and materials, including crystal, glass, wood, and marble, to effectively highlight your company logo and corporate identity. We also offer a custom award plaque option that will enable us to start from scratch and develop a recognition plaque around your vision and specific needs.'s dedicated staff is ready to assist you by phone or Live Chat, extending superior customer service and support from the conception of your custom awards to its completion. will help you recognize your employees' accomplishments with impressive awards plaques. From an Employee of the Year Plaque to Employee of the Month Awards, our selection and engraving options can endlessly support any plaque award program.

Recogntion: Award Plaques & Trophy Plaques

Classically designed trophy plaques have been a recognized industry standard since the beginning. We proudly offer personalized award plaques in crystal, glass, and marble. We feature different sizes, shapes, and price points within each category to meet our loyal clients every demand. We put the same time and effort into choosing these awards as you put into building strong, long-lasting relationships with all of your employees.

All of's plaque awards and trophy plaques are perfect for recognizing milestones, ongoing hard work, and excellence.

Custom Award Plaques for Corporate Recognition

What does it mean to someone when they receive an award? Whether it's for recognition of employment, a sports achievement, or an acknowledgment for volunteer work, award plaques are a sincere way of publicly recognizing individuals, groups, and other companies for a job well done. features award plaques uniquely designed with stunning colors, shapes, sizes, and materials, including glass, crystal, marble, and wood.

When employee recognition requires more than a verbal thank you or paper award, recognize your employees with corporate award plaques that will last forever. Personalize your corporate recognition plaque with your company logo, employee name, and their accomplishments at no additional charge.

Types of Plaque Awards

Our custom plaque awards are the most sought-after items we sell in our catalog. We don't just sell classic wooden and etching plate awards but various stunning pieces made from durable and high-end materials. This variety adds flavor and personality to traditional award plaques.

Although recognition plaques are meant to accentuate a graduate's or employee's achievement, the different materials help communicate the uniqueness of the achievement and the company through different variations.

Our personalization methods even allow you to use a plaque for something other than for corporate recognition. Our clients have used their customized plaques as signs, warning of spills in isles, sanitation reminders in bathrooms, and even as a social distancing advisory.

The following are the lovely materials available to you, adding a different flair to your plaque awards.

Wooden Plaques

Wooden customized plaques are our catalog's classic and professional-looking plaques for company awards. These are mostly used for employee recognition and graduation gifts. You can purchase our Bamboo, Walnut, Mahogany plaques, and more.

You also have choices to engrave personalization when you choose one of these plaques or personalized trophies and awards. With the Walnut and Mahogany plaques, you can engrave text and logos onto a black etching plate that is either located at the center of the plaque or the bottom. On the other hand, many of our Bamboo plaques allow you to etch right onto the body.

Acrylic Plaques

Custom acrylic plaques are a fresh new version of classic plaque awards. Just like acrylic award trophies, these plaques are more eye-catching in their body design and more colorful, which adds to the uniqueness of the awards for the company and recipient.

As with other acrylic awards, you have a lot of creative freedom when designing your customizable plaques; the same methods of engraving and adding patterns are made easier.

Crystal Plaques

You get a beautiful award when purchasing custom crystal plaques. You get both the opulent elegance of crystal awards and a recognition plaque's professional appearance. Crystal plaques stand for strength, high esteem, and timeless beauty.

The custom plaques we offer come in various shapes and sizes that stand out from one another. We sell recognition awards from the classic hang-on-the-wall plaque, the new sleek plaques that are completely clear with colored etching areas, and artistic plaques.

All of these have customization features and endless personalization options for corporate awards.

Glass Plaques

A glass custom plaque award is the next best thing to crystal. Although glass awards don't have the heavy luxe of crystal or the fun aesthetic of acrylic, it doesn't mean you are missing out.

Regarding glass plaques, we have a wider variety of shapes, colors, and sizes than crystal. In addition to the basic colors, we offer plaques in Jade, Gold, Silver, and natural hues.

There are also more sizes with glass than crystal. Depending on the shape of the plaque, you have a selection of awards ranging from 3" to 6" minimalist plaques to towers 13" and over. All of which is a blank canvas for your personalization ideas.

Perpetual Plaques

Perpetual plaques are the professional's award piece. These are the classic plaques you see mounted on the wall of a professor's study or office, proudly showing their achievements.

Most of our custom perpetual plaques are made of various refined woods such as Walnut, Cherry, and Rosewood, adding that classic aesthetic to its appearance. These plaques also come with black etching plates that you personalize with engravings, adding profound contrast to the plaque's color.

Our plaques are also available in crystal, adding an elegant flash you can't get with other materials. In addition to their bold appearance, crystal perpetual custom plaque comes in arch and triangle shapes with etching blocks that can be added and removed.

Granite and Marble:

Custom marble and stone award plaques have a strong and earthly elegance to their appearance that makes an ideal canvas for your designs and ideas. These materials hold their own compared to crystal or glass because of their natural elegance and designs perfectly suited to the stone.

Aside from marble and granite plaques, we also offer items made with slate and stonecast if you want to go in a more rustic direction.

Slate is a metamorphic rock or sediment that changes form and appearance under intense heat and pressure, much like diamonds. The final product is slate, a highly durable and attractive rock that makes splendid custom plaque awards.

On the other hand, stonecast is precast concrete or powder that can be molded and shaped into different shapes. Once stonecast has been molded, you can pair it with wood, glass, metals, and acrylic, giving you different styles.

Although we specialize in custom awards and trophies and plaques; each different and can suit any event.

Outstanding Customer Service Is Included

Our friendly and experienced customer service team is ready to assist you in making custom award & trophy plaques. Whether you need advice on what award plaque to choose or have specific questions about your artwork, you will not find a better, more informed staff that is highly trained just selling awards. We are committed to on-time delivery, perfect art, safe shipping, and the best pricing on all our awards. has over 15 years of experience helping companies recognize their employees, and it would be our absolute honor to add your team to our long list of satisfied clients. We are so proud that our long list of Forever Customers includes friends like Google, the Miami Dolphins, Norfolk Southern, NASA, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. As soon as you speak with us, you will feel how passionate we are about reinforcing recognition and its importance to your company's success.