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Art Glass Flame Awards

If you're looking for an award to honor a star performer at an upcoming recognition ceremony but our other award categories have left you underwhelmed, this section is for you. Our flame glass awards offer a one-of-a-kind aesthetic that's sure to be appreciated and remembered.

Art Glass Flame Awards

While some of these are simple, clear glass flame awards, many of our offerings in this section feature multi-colored glass which really adds to the look and feel of certain burning flame art glass awards. From the elegant double glass flame, to multi-color flames of red, yellow and spiraling dark blue transparent glass, we are sure to carry the perfect flame award for your needs. Our awards come with a sturdy and elegant foundation, and uniquely styled abstract design. We know that any one of our awards in our thick clear glass flame award collection is going to turn heads, no matter which you choose.

As with the awards in our other categories, these can be customized to your heart's content, and the recipient of an engraved burning flame art glass award is sure to cherish it for years. Wander through these pages at your own pace and you're sure to find the perfect art glass flame award for your next ceremony.

Which Team Members Deserve a Glass Flame Award?

Flame art glass pieces represent energy, drive, motivation, creativity and passion in the workplace. The smooth facets of this graceful flame design reflect a disciplined control over one's abilities, their innovative ideas, and leadership qualities.

Recipients of the flame award shine the brightest among their peers, and serve as beacons for others' achievements. It's no wonder that many organizations use the flame shape in their logos and branding.