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Engraved Marble & Granite Awards

At, we offer a unique opportunity to recognize excellence and achievement with the enduring elegance of our exclusive collection of engraved marble awards as well as stone, slate, and granite plaques. Each award is a testament to the achievements of dedicated professionals across various industries, crafted to convey respect, admiration, and recognition in a visually stunning manner and symbolically significant manner.

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Engraved Marble & Granite Awards

Marble Awards

Marble has long been associated with strength, durability, and timeless beauty. Our marble awards are designed to embody these qualities, offering a substantial, sophisticated option for recognizing corporate success and personal milestones. What sets our marble awards apart is the ability to personalize each one. You can engrave messages, logos, and names directly onto the stone, making each award a unique and permanent marker of significant accomplishment.

Granite Awards

Granite awards are renowned for their robustness and classic appeal. Ideal for any corporate or educational setting, these awards offer a sense of permanence and monumental achievement. At, we provide a variety of granite awards and plaques, each customizable with free engraving. Whether celebrating a long-term employee, a successful team project, or outstanding leadership, our granite awards are a durable symbol of recognition.

Slate and Stone Award Plaques

Expanding beyond the traditional, our slate and stone awards present a unique alternative. Each piece features natural patterns, ensuring every award is unique. These awards are perfect for those who value individuality and a connection to the natural world. Like marble and granite, slate awards offer a distinctive look that can be tailored through precision engraving, perfectly echoing your appreciation and recognition of exceptional achievements.

Natural Materials that Last

Unlike awards made from more transient materials, our stone awards are meant to last a lifetime. They don't just reflect light; they absorb it, allowing them to stand out subtly but powerfully in any setting. Placing a stone award on a desk or in a display case speaks to a weighty achievement. It serves as a continual reminder of hard-earned success, providing a lasting testament to the recognition of excellence.

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At, our commitment to excellence is not just a statement, but a reflection in the quality of our corporate awards and our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. We offer a diverse catalog of marble and stone awards, each one a testament to our craftsmanship and your appreciation for outstanding individuals. With options for every occasion and achievement, and the added benefit of free engraving, you can find the perfect way to express your gratitude and respect. Celebrate success and inspire continuous achievement with a marble or stone award that stands the test of time.