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Custom Plaques and Personalized Awards

We specialize in custom engraved awards and plaques ranging from cut crystal logos, custom acrylic awards, 3d laser trophies, to unique corporate recognition awards and deal toys. If your company has the time and flexibility, we encourage you to take your employee and company recognition program to the next level with our custom awards and trophies.

Custom Awards & Plaques Start With Your Brand & Vision

We aim to personalize your events, milestones, and achievements with custom awards and deal toys. custom crystal, acrylic, and 3D laser awards are designed to your exact specifications with free set-up, proofs, personalization, and logo engraving.

What We Need To Know To Get Your Custom Awards Project Started?

You will work directly with our custom award design team to share ideas and discuss the major details needed to custom create your awards. All we need is your vision, budget, quantity and in hands date to figure out which materials and process are best to work for you and your event. Share with us your brand elements and any and all sketches (back of the napkin is fine). We can bring your logos to life and artfully incorporate your text and personalization. You will be impressed by our quick response time to your custom award request.

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Let Us Create a Unique Award from Scratch

It doesn't matter what you spend on your awards if the person receiving it shoves it in a drawer or does not make room for it on their desk or credenza. We will help make sure this custom award sits front and center and you will be proud to know you have presented your team with the most impressive award they have ever earned. And the best part is that we can often do this while still saving you money.

Call today or fill out our simple request form now to get started. Concepts are always free. Our team looks forward to working with you.

Share Your Vision

Work directly with our custom award design team. We will bring your vision to life and submit free concepts for your review. Our responsiveness and creativity will reassure you immediately that you are in excellent hands.

Next Step

Approve Design

Once we understand your goals we will submit custom award designs to meet your specific needs. Review all details and make any adjustments you like. We never go to production without your final approval so you always know exactly what to expect.

Next Step

Receive Your Awards

Now place your order with confidence. Just sit back and wait for your custom awards and trophies to arrive. We already know that the finished pieces will exceed your expectations every time.

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Custom Engraved Plaques and Trophy Plaque Awards

For economical budgets or tight timelines, our stock cryawards are often perfect for smaller quantity orders that our clients need in a hurry. Our artist do a great job at making even a stock award feel custom. will help you recognize your employees' accomplishments with an impressive array of high quality awards. One of the most tried and true presentation pieces are our trophy plaques. Our stunning recognition plaques will show your recipients how much you appreciate the commitment they bring to your organization.

Custom Recognition Plaques

Custom award plaques come in a variety of shapes and materials including crystal, glass, wood, and marble to effectively highlight your company logo and corporate identity. We also offer a custom plaque option that will enable us to start from scratch and develop an award plaque around your vision and specific needs.'s dedicated staff is ready to assist you by phone or Live Chat, extending superior customer service and support from the conception of your award to its completion.

Top Selling Custom Plaques

Classically designed trophy plaques have been a recognition industry standard since the very beginning. We are proud to offer a wide variety of award plaques in crystal, glass and marble. Within each category we feature different sizes, shapes and price points to meet our loyal client's every demand. We put the same time and effort into choosing these awards as you put into building strong, long-lasting relationships with all of your employees.

All of's award plaques are perfect for recognizing milestones, ongoing hard work and excellence. Crystal plaques stand for strength, high esteem and timeless beauty.

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How and When to Give Custom Awards

There is no doubt most companies are aware of the important role recognition and appreciation plays in employee retention. Yet poorly managed employee awards are not unheard of. The worst offense: giving out cookie-cutter awards not addressed to anyone specific, through an interoffice mail! It feels like an afterthought (it probably is) and is insulting to the recipient.

A company award program must be designed carefully. Research shows letting employees know they're valued is more important factor in happiness at work than a pay raise or time off. This may be surprising, but it’s human nature to find meaning in more than money, after a certain threshold in income.

When to Give an Award vs. Appreciation

o employees thrive on appreciation and recognition, rather than material awards. Does that mean companies should forego giving out awards altogether? That's not so. A complete award program should hit a sweet spot between the tangible – medals, trophies, time off, cash – and the intangible – recognition in front of peers and staff.

Making Custom Awards for Employees

For physical awards like medals and trophies, how should companies design them?

Personalized recognition is the #1 rule when it comes to corporate awards. Engravings of the recipients are a given, as they let employees know the awards are truly meant for them. Also, people respond positively to their own names. Since awards are given not only for appreciation but also to communicate company goals and values, they should match the company branding. If a corporate culture is more whimsical, awards should be designed to follow suit, instead of relying on the traditional boxy shape. offers many shapes and materials for awards that can help companies personalize milestones, anniversaries, and achievements. Custom crystal awards can be cut and polished, while mixing in corporate identity.

When companies put a little bit more thought into designing custom awards, employees are likely to have a second thought before shoving their awards into a drawer. They'll be a source of pride and inspiration.

Focus on the Giving

How and when custom corporate awards are given is just as important as what to give. Giving awards should be an event in itself. Many companies tack it onto their end of the year company party. This might not always work when a host of awards has to be given to multiple employees. When too many people are awarded at the same time, it takes away the specialness. The exception is when companies host a gathering exclusively for awards.

Instead of postponing awards until the end of the year, each award should be anchored to a specific occasion throughout the year. An anniversary award should be awarded on each recipient's actual anniversary, or as close to it as possible. A milestone or achievement award should be given after each big project is successful. At the end of the year, if companies want, they can recognize the recipients again.

There are employees who don't like public fanfare and would rather be recognized privately. Companies should respect such employees, while still showing them appreciation for their contribution.

How to Order Custom Awards

It's common knowledge that employee recognition programs and custom awards have uplifting influences on office morale. From kind gestures of gratitude to prizing staff with beautiful custom awards, employee appreciation can improve employer-staff rapport and invigorate the work environment. That's our business motto here at

For over 20 years, we've specialized in bringing companies top-grade custom awards for all manner of companies at reasonable prices. We've designed one-of-a-kind custom plaques and awards for the biggest names in sports, fashion, hospitality, culinary, and small businesses.

We design customized award pieces in crystal, glass, acrylic, and many other materials that can be made into one-of-a-kind pieces just for your company. Some of our custom award pieces were designed in the shape of company emblems, unique product items, and even architectural buildings, all with precise detail in its personalization.

More so, we'll collaborate with you in designing your custom award pieces for maximum satisfaction and to make the process easier for your busy schedule. If you're on a budget, we'll also work with you to get the right price for your awards as well as offering free engravings and basic personalization setups.

As an extension of our company-client services, this page is dedicated to you. Any questions you may have about our selection of materials, award pieces, and the designing process of customized awards will be answered below.

If you wish to get started on your custom award designs, click the link below to get started.


Designing Custom Awards

We like to say that our most special business characteristic is company-client collaboration. This is a first-hand shopping experience that you won't easily find elsewhere. By using your designs and ideas, we're creating a unique experience for you and making your award pieces that much more special for your employees.

We don't want you to be limited to the stock award inventory we sell. That's why we encourage our clients to submit designs they've come up with. We'll use your ideas and build your award and personalize them based on your input. This initial stage is to modify our services to your needs; to do this, we will need the following:

Step 1: Custom Award Sketches or Designs

Your vision, as we like to call it, details what you want the awards to look like, specific colors, and personalized text and graphics you would like engraved onto the piece.

Step 2: Tell us Your Custom Award Budget

By having your budget limit in mind, we're able to present you with alternative awards that are just as stunning as our most expensive items. The alternative that we'll present you will better suit your needs, save you money and will leave your employees in awe!

Step 3: Estabilishing Your Quantity

This amount determines how many custom award pieces will be made and shipped to your event or location.

Step 4: Understanding Your End Date

Finally, this date is the latest possible date to have your awards shipped to you before the start of the event and have it in your hands. With this date, we'll speed up the production of your awards so that there is plenty of time for you to prepare and no delay on our end.

After we have this information, our collaboration begins, and we can start making your custom award pieces!

But our company-clients relationship won't end in the initial design process. We're hands-on during the design process and your input will directly influence the final design of your awards. As we start bringing your sketches and ideas to life, we'll send you a free order confirmation and art proofs that you'll approve or make changes to. This step involves the client in the process of designing their awards and having control over their development.

Final proofs take 24-48 hours from the time you send us your sketches or designs. After you've approved your proofs, your items will ship in 5-7 business days. During this time, your awards will be manufactured and shipped before your end-date.

Now, before we can start working together, you should know about the various materials we work with and the different personalization options you have with your selection.