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Engraved Acrylic Awards and Trophies

As businesses strive to recognize their top performers and foster a culture of excellence, acrylic awards have become increasingly popular. offers a wide range of acrylic awards that are perfect for corporate recognition awards, employee appreciation programs, and other special occasions. As the industry leader in custom awards, we can help you choose the perfect award for your next event.

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Engraved Acrylic Awards and Trophies

About Acrylic Awards

An acrylic award is a versatile and cost-effective way to recognize the accomplishments of your employees, partners, and other stakeholders. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, making it easy to customize them to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a classic, elegant design or a more modern, eye-catching look, an acrylic award or an acrylic trophy would offer something for everyone.

If you are looking for a fun and unique yet professional take on award trophies, look at our customized acrylic awards and trophies. Acrylic is much more versatile than crystal, allowing for more creativity, color, and personalization than crystal awards., proudly based in the U.S.A., uses only quality acrylic in our engraved acrylic awards, ensuring that your acrylic trophy will look as stunning as crystal or glass awards. Our affordable line of acrylic awards and trophies are perfect for any awards, from a sporting tournament to a corporate recognition program.

Engraved Acrylic Trophies

Our vast selection of awards and plaques includes acrylic awards which range from acrylic plaques to acrylic trophies made of clear acrylic to jade, blue, or gold acrylic to full-color printing, including trophy plaques of all shapes and sizes. With acrylic awards engraved in various styles and options, you can celebrate a person's success while tangibly boosting employee morale. So, look no further, we have the acrylic award you've been looking for and free engraving to customize the award and make it your own. Choosing personalized acrylic awards will make your event memorable while leaving money in your budget, making them a great alternative to crystal.

Customize Your Acrylic Awards with Help from Our Expert Designers

If our wide array of acrylic awards does not include your perfect award, try custom awards and trophies. Our team specializes in creating one-of-a-kind acrylic trophies and awards that reward your recipients with a personal touch. We even offer design services for custom orders. Let your imagination run wild when designing your custom acrylic award with a free setup. Acrylic can be combined with metal, a wide variety of colors, customized engraving, full color printing, all of which can add colors, patterns, and textures not possible with custom crystal awards. Acrylic trophies are much more durable than crystal trophies. As a result, we can transform your acrylic trophies into different shapes with an infinite shelf-life. Acrylic can feature multiple layers with multiple components and materials to add a level dimension not possible with crystal such as creating lucite embedments.

When it comes to the durability of acrylic, unlike crystal or glass awards, acrylic awards are shatterproof and can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. This makes acrylic trophy awards them ideal for corporate awards, where they may be displayed on desks or in common areas. Additionally, acrylic awards are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that they will look great for years to come.

See just some of the acrylic possibilities in our custom acrylic awards gallery. If you know that custom acrylic trophies are for you, then request your free custom designs now

Benefits of Custom Acrylic Awards

An acrylic award is a step away from glass and crystal, but there are plenty of reasons why it might be the best material choice for your needs. Acrylic is the material that allows you to get supremely imaginative with your award designs. For starters, acrylic can be sturdier than glass and crystal awards and much less prone to shattering. This makes it one of the more durable options if that is something you or your recipient value. While crystal and glass can both contain color, acrylic offers more options and combinations. If your design features a bright and vibrant background then an award etched with color, acrylic might be the best material for your project.

Acrylic is a hard, plastic material that's more versatile than crystal or glass, meaning you can bend and mold acrylic into any shape imaginable. Even some big-name brands have chosen this material for their awards. Our designers have been creating custom acrylic awards-inspired company emblems and logos, custom shapes, mascots, or whatever they've come up with using acrylic.

Acrylic is the material that allows you to get supremely imaginative with your award designs. With this material, your options for centerpiece shapes and colors are far easier to make, and some of our most eye-catching personalized trophies and awards have been made with this material.

An aspect of this custom-cut acrylic that makes it stand out from glass or crystal is the printing of images to the acrylic pieces and adding color-fill. With this ability, you have unlimited creative possibilities when designing your custom piece that you don't have with other materials.

Now, if you're concerned about the damage that can occur to your award piece, it'll relieve you that acrylic is far more impact and scratch-resistant than glass and crystal. This is due to acrylic's soft composition and lightweight.

An acrylic award trophy can absorb impact, reducing chipping and the amount of damage if it falls off your desk or trophy shelf. This guarantees that the money you've invested into these recognition awards will last and look good doing so, making it a budget-friendly alternative to many other custom awards made from other materials.

Custom Acrylic Trophy has become synonymous with providing quality custom acrylic trophies. For clients looking to raise the bar and have a bit more time for the design process, we have developed something special just for you. Our newest capabilities enable our team to combine acrylic, metal, and color into multi-layered custom acrylic awards aimed to impress. Our acrylic awards are designed to take a custom awards project a step further by adding brilliant colors, custom logo creation, and unique cut acrylic shapes that will leave your clients and employees blown away.

We want to work with you to design the perfect custom acrylic award or deal toy for your company. Concepts are always free so just fill out the custom award request form. Then our creative design team will review your specific needs and develop renderings to illustrate various options for your approval. We strive every day to manufacture new, unique, and eye-catching custom acrylic awards and deal toys. You are only a step away from taking your recognition program or client deal toy selection to a whole new level.

Custom Service for Your Custom Acrylic Awards

It doesn't matter what you spend on your custom acrylic awards if the person receiving it shoves it in a drawer or does not make room for it on their desk or credenza. We will help make sure your custom award piece sits front and center so you will be proud to know you have presented your team with the most impressive award they have ever earned. And the best part is that we can often do this while still saving you money.

What We Need To Know To Get Your Custom Acrylic Awards Project Started?

You will work directly with our custom trophy design team to share ideas and discuss the major details needed to take your custom awards program to the next level. All we need is your vision, budget, quantity and in hands date to narrow down what piece will work best for your event. Now is the time to share any sketches or artwork you have, logos you would like to bring to life and thoughts on text and personalization for your custom acrylic awards. Our quick response time to your custom trophies request will impress you.

Free Custom Acrylic Award Concepts, Sketches, and Ideas

Flexible minimums and quick turnaround. Simply provide us with your vision/logo, quantity, budget, and in-hand date, and our custom design team will submit concepts to you for review at no charge. Call today or fill out our simple request form now to get started. Concepts are always free. Our team looks forward to working with you.

Benefits of a Custom Acrylic Award

Although crystal has a higher perceived value because of its weight. Acrylic as a material is just as expensive, the price savings comes from acrylic being much easier to work with. It's easier to cut and polish acrylic, allowing for unique awards such as 3D printing or acrylic embedments. Acrylic comes in various colors and transparencies, but it also lends itself to direct printing for full-color awards and added design effects. View our gallery to see the possibilities acrylic offers to enhance your award.

If you are ready to explore the incredibly easy-to-maintain world of acrylic awards, our collection of popular and cost-effective acrylics is available to recognize the achievements of your employees, partners, and other stakeholders. offers a wide selection of acrylic awards specifically created for corporate recognition events, employee appreciation programs, and other special occasions. So, shop for acrylic awards at and honor your team's accomplishment memorably.