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Crystal Awards and Trophies

Crystal awards are synonymous with elegance. From sophisticated diamond awards to stunning stars, globes, clear awards, and more, our personalized crystal trophies and awards are manufactured using only the finest optical crystal. With more than 200 stock awards to choose from, each piece has been hand-finished and inspected to exquisite perfection and will be presented to you in its high-end presentation box.

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Crystal Awards and Trophies

Crystal Awards Orders offers a line of rush-order crystal awards. These awards and trophies are designed to help your company when time matters the most. Our rush-order crystal awards ship out within 48 hours, giving you an elegant and stunning crystal award for your corporate event, recognition program, or corporate gift and deal toy selection.

Crystal Awards & Trophies

We offer a wide variety of sizes and shapes designed for a loyal list of Forever Customers that includes Lexus, the American Red Cross, Starbucks Coffee, Energizer and Campbell's Soup. We show the same care in crafting their premium crystal awards as we would for each piece we create for your employees. Some of our classic crystal awards include our diamonds, globes, stars, vases, and bowls.

Our unique designs are geared towards recognizing your company's top performers and reinforcing your belief that recognition is a major key to your company's success.

Personalized Crystal Awards & Plaques understands the importance of recognizing individuals, teams, and employees. We offer crystal trophies tailored to your specific needs. Our stunning collection of corporate crystal awards is designed in various sizes and shapes, including our crystal flame awards, crystal diamond awards, crystal globe awards, and more. Our awards are ideal for corporate events, recognition programs, or partnership deals.

Our corporate crystal awards offer free engraving of your logo and text to add a personal touch. Engrave your company's logo, employee name, and accomplishments on our corporate crystal awards for your next recognition ceremony, and show your appreciation for your employee's hard work and dedication.

When designing your custom employee recognition awards, you can't get more elegant than going with crystal. We are proud to say that we designed awards for some of the top brands in sports, fashion, culinary, and hospitality with crystal, and we gladly make high-end quality awards for you, too! True Religion Custom Awards

Our crystal awards are hand-blown and cut to ensure top-notch precision, which you won't get anywhere else. In addition to how your awards will be made, we enlarge the centerpieces so there's enough room to add free text and logo engravings, making the award much more special.

If you design your custom awards with crystal, two distinct crystal material types are available: lead crystal and optical crystal. These crystal types have different benefits that add flair to your awards and make them more distinctive.

As the name implies, this crystal type is made with 24% lead metal, which adds weight to the award that you'll notice immediately. Although lead crystal is heavier than glass and acrylic, it is softer than these materials, thus making it easier to design and sculpt.

Crystal Awards are Premiere Awards

When you want a memorable award that speaks to the importance of the recipient, you should choose crystal. Unlike glass awards, optical crystal is one of the highest quality crystals and produces a clear and flawless award. If you want to engrave your award, crystal is the best material. It is lead-free, so you can create custom awards that make your employees feel valued on a personal level. A crystal award is heavy and catches the light, meaning it can be a standout piece no matter where it is placed. It is vital to have an award that weighs a good amount to match the achievement. Give out crystal awards to show team members how important they truly are.

Optical Crystal

Optical lead is a whole other thing; it is just as elegant as crystal but far more versatile than lead crystal, giving you more options when designing customized awards.

This material is made with large sheets pressed together, removing any air bubbles or defects and giving you a flawless final product. The same materials used in our awards are used in camera lenses, NASA telescopes, and other quality visual equipment.

The method of engraving a custom award piece is just as important as sculpting it. When you choose crystal, you can personalize and engrave your award pieces using the following methods:

3-D laser engravings

The 3-D engraving method uses lasers positioned at specific points on the award's body, making small engravings based on uploaded computer images.


Sandblasting uses air hoses, propelling sand-like particles at a high velocity to accurately engrave text and logos onto the surface of the award. This method has proven to etch detail the best.

An aspect of crystal aesthetics that is also alluring to new customers is how light is diffracted when it passes through the award. When light is diffracted in crystal awards, it shimmers and reflects off its various edges, unlike glass and acrylic, which light passes through.

Custom crystal awards are all sculpted and refined at our overseas facility because of safety protocols instituted by the U.S. government. Now that you have seen what we can do with crystal let's show you what we can do with an equally elegant and versatile material: glass!

Top-Selling Crystal Awards & Top-Notch Service

From the moment you contact us, you will see why so many companies rely on us for these important programs. Our team is highly trained in all facets of the awards industry, and we are anxious to share that experience with you.

We can help you choose the perfect piece and share our top-selling awards. Then, our professional, in-house design team will contact you to finalize the layout for each award, with your approval along the way.

Custom Crystal Plaques and Awards

Few awards can match our custom engraved crystal plaques for elegance and refinement. Suppose you are looking for a beautiful, understated award to give in recognition of a hard-working employee's efforts. In that case, you will find much to love here, and our personalized crystal plaques will surely be cherished and appreciated for years.

You find crystal award plaques on the pages that follow in various shapes, sizes, and styles, and of course, all of our crystal plaques can be engraved to your exact specifications.

While we offer a wide range of crystal plaques to suit every taste and budget if you don't find exactly what you are looking for here, check out our extensive selection of glass plaques.