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What's the Difference Between Acrylic vs Crystal Awards

With so many different options in the awards industry, it can be confusing as to what type of awards to order. It used to be as easy as asking a customer what their budget was when ordering awards. There was a time when acrylic awards were much less expensive than crystal or glass awards. With the rise in cost of acrylic this no longer the case. In some cases, we can offer a customer a glass or crystal award that is less expensive than an acrylic piece. So how do you choose?

From my years of experience, it really will come down to who the recipient is as well as your personal preference. If your recipient is a young adult or child, you may want to consider presenting them with an acrylic award. Why? For the very same reason that you would serve them dinner on a plastic plate as opposed to a glass plate. If they drop the acrylic award, it may break, but not shatter like a glass or crystal awards. Also, if you are looking for a lot of color then you may want to present an acrylic award as well. We offer a wide variety of acrylic awards with color backgrounds.

If your recipient is an employee or an executive that is going to display their award in an office environment then a crystal or glass award may be perfect for them. Crystal and glass awards tend to weigh more than acrylic awards thus giving them a higher perceived value. They will also tend to reflect light and sparkle more than an acrylic award.

If you're still unsure of what type of awards to order, one of our friendly customer service and sales representatives will be happy to help you make the right choice.

Showing the Difference Between Crystal, Glass and Acrylic Awards

4 Facts about High-Quality Acrylic Awards

FineAwards is renowned throughout the industry for the beauty, high quality, and variety of their custom plaques fine acrylic and crystal awards. While they offer awards and gifts in marble, rosewood, and many other mediums, FineAwards’ acrylic, crystal, and glass awards are among their most popular options. Each type of award has distinct benefits, depending on what you want. If you’re looking for a fun, versatile, yet professional look for your corporate awards or sports trophies, you should consider why acrylic might be the perfect option.

Still, let's compare the difference between crystal and acrylic awards, their benefits, and what situations call for them as recognition awards.

1. Acrylic Award Designs

There is no question that FineAwards’ crystal and glass awards can be produced in an impressive array of patterns and designs. However, since their acrylic awards are easier to mold into complex three dimensional shapes than glass or crystal, they stand out as the ultimate option for versatility of design and customization.

Acrylic Awards feature more Flexible Materials than a Crystal or Glass Award

Of the available award materials, acrylic awards can fit into just about any shape, and come in a wide selection of stock options if you don’t have a specific design in mind. With that said, customized acrylic awards allow you to let your imagination run wild.

Design an award with incredible shapes, including your company logo, a vehicle, your headquarters, or virtually anything else you can imagine. You can combine the acrylic award with metal design elements, custom engraving, textures, and patterns to create a truly distinctive award.

2. Acrylic Award Color

When it comes to acrylic awards, the versatility of design also allows for a variety of color possibilities that can only be achieved with this medium. You can be as supremely imaginative with colors and color combinations as you can be with the shape of your acrylic award. That includes vibrantly colored backgrounds, any color-fill options you can imagine, and even color-etching. Create an acrylic award that is your own unique blend of shapes, patterns, layers, textures, colors, components, and even more.

3. Acrylic Awards are Lightweight and Durable

In addition to the ultra-customizable versatility of acrylic awards, as opposed to crystal and glass awards, they are also ultra-durable. If you are concerned about ordering an award that might become damaged on its way to you, acrylic is the choice for you.

Its lightweight and soft composition make it the most scratch- and impact-resistant material of the three most popular options. It can also absorb impact, effectively reducing the risk of an acrylic award chipping or being damaged in a fall from a desk or shelf. The result is a beautiful, sturdy award that is sure to stand the test of time and look good while doing so.

4. Acrylic Awards are Cost-Effective

Finally, acrylic is also the most cost-effective choice of FineAwards’ three primary awards options. The level of affordability gives you the flexibility to use the budget you have to create a more ambitious design if you want. Being so budget-friendly also makes acrylic awards the perfect option for recognizing every member of a group for their excellence and contributions, whether that’s colleagues in your department or members of your sports team.

5 Facts About Glass & Crystal Awards From FineAwards

Many of the largest corporations, organizations, and professional sports teams across the country choose FineAwards when they need high-quality, unforgettable custom plaques and awards. Favorites among their customers include ultra-versatile acrylic awards, gorgeous glass awards, and exceptionally elegant crystal awards. A few of the FineAwards “forever customers” to have chosen the beautiful artistry of crystal awards include Google, Lexus, and even the NFL. Here are five reasons why you should consider crystal awards for your company too.

1. The Value of Crystal Awards

When it comes to the most elegantly sophisticated awards available, FineAwards’ selection of crystal awards sets the standard. Crystal possesses a stunning, light-catching clarity that is simply unmatched. In fact, that stunning clarity is so flawless because the optical crystal used by FineAwards is the same material used for NASA telescopes, top-tier camera lenses, and other first-rate visual equipment. No matter what you have in mind, it makes for a striking design.

A Glass or Crystal Award Has an Unmatched Heft and Quality that Make Either Desirable

2. The Variety of Crystal Award Choices

FineAwards’ customers also appreciate choosing from over 200 exquisite crystal stock designs. In addition to their collection of both glass and crystal plaques, you can pick designs that include diamond-shaped awards, stars, globes, and clear awards. For a dramatic option that’s sure to wow your recipient and anyone who sees it, check out their magnificent crystal flame awards.

3. Precision Artistry of Crystal Awards

Awards and plaques this uniquely splendid are only made possible by the precision design and the personal touch provided by the team of top-notch artisans at FineAwards. Every single crystal award is hand-blown and hand-cut with expert precision. Each piece is then hand-finished and individually submitted for closer inspection to ensure they meet FineAwards’ standard of excellence. Finally, every individual crystal award is delivered to you in a high-end presentation box.

4. Personalized Engraving Free for Every Crystal Award

FineAwards is renowned in the industry for their outstanding selection of custom awards. That option for customization certainly applies to their crystal awards. When you want to recognize a team member for their achievements, personalization can be the perfect way to show you genuinely appreciate their contribution. That’s why every crystal award from FineAwards features free logo and text engraving—so you can create an award that is memorable and meaningful.

5.Professional Awards Service

Another reason that so many of the world’s most influential companies, teams, and organizations trust FineAwards for the premier crystal awards is the level of professional service they know they can trust. Their team is thoroughly trained in every facet of the awards industry, which makes for experience that is invaluable for you. After helping you choose the perfect piece, their expert, in-house design team will touch base to finalize the award’s layout with your input and approval at every step.