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The Vince Lombardi Trophy & The History of the Super Bowl Championship Trophy

The NFL Football who comes out victorious from The Super Bowl each year will be the proud recipient of the Vince Lombardi Trophy and crowned champs of the NFL Super Bowl.

This sterling silver football trophy stands at 22 inches in height. A long stand takes up most of the trophy's body; here the words "Vince Lombardi Trophy" are engraved with the NFL shield, along with the year in roman numerals. To finish the award's visual aesthetic, a regulation size football tops off the award, making it instantly recognizable.

Though American football has been played since 1869, the first Super Bowl trophy was awarded nearly 100 hundred years later in 1967 when the Green Bay Packers, led by head coach Vince Lombardi, routed the Kansas City in Super Bowl I. Lombardi also won 2nd Super Bowl the following year as well against the Oakland Raiders.

With two consecutive wins during the first two Super Bowls, there is no wonder that this head coach would be honored with the trophy's namesake. But how did this happen?

How the Super Bowl Trophy Got Its Name

The Lombardi football trophy is named in honor of Vince Lombardi after losing his battle with cancer in late 1970 at the age of 57. Previously called the "World Professional Football Championship Trophy," it was changed to the coach's name and awarded to the Baltimore Colts during the Super Bowl V against the Dallas Cowboys the following year.

Who Designed The Super Bowl Trophy?

In 1966, NFL (National Football League) commissioner Pete Rozelle reach out to American luxury jewelry and specialty company Tiffany & Co. to design a football trophy for the champions of the league. Vice President of Tiffany & Co. Oscar Riedner took it upon himself to design the award but knew nothing of football.

Riedner bought a football later that day from FAO Schwarz to get a better idea of the sport. The following morning, over a bowl of corn flakes, he cut apart the cereal box, making a stand and placing the football in kicking position on top. Later during lunch with Rozelle, the design of what would eventually become the Vince Lombardi Trophy was sketched onto a cocktail napkin by Riedner and presented to him.

Every year, this award is the end goal of teams in the NFL. They play in the blistering heat, rain, snow, and in front of home-crowds filled cut-throat fanatics cheering their teams on to become the winning super bowl team. Just like the rough and rugged game of football, the trophy needs to be as grandiose as the game. We are sure that Tiffany & Co. had no idea the impact the Vince Lombardi Trophy would have on American culture, but it is the key feature of triumph for the Super Bowl Champion every year.

We will soon have a new crop of champs, and out of all the plays, cheering, tailgates, and super bowl commercials, the Vince Lombardi Trophy stands at the center of all hype and glory.


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