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4 Attributes of a Successful Employee Recognition Program

A successful employee recognition program can work wonders for your company. Everyone wants to know that their hard work and achievements are recognized, which is why many companies take their recognition programs seriously. But there's more to it than saying "good job" frequently or having quarterly celebrations. Here are the four attributes you'll find in any successful employee recognition program.

1. Timely in Relation to the Achievement

When we receive recognition for a significant achievement or a job well done, it puts a little pep in our step. We feel like we're on top of the world and are inspired to keep the positive momentum moving forward. However, if your recognition program is on a rigid schedule an award might not seem relevant by the time it is delivered. The best employee recognition programs have a sense of urgency to them, aiming to acknowledge an employee's achievement shortly after. This adds fuel to their inner fire and could pay off big time in the long run.

2. Awards Relevant to the Achievement

The purpose of an award is to be a physical manifestation of an achievement. Your employees trade their time and energy to help the company reach its goals, and they deserve an award they can display with pride. For this reason, you should invest in nothing but the best for your recipients. Every company is different, but many have found success in giving prestigious awards such as custom plaques to their employees. These plaques carry a sense of elegance and are timeless. Whether the award is for a team member exceeding their KPIs or to mark a work anniversary, make sure it's relevant and worth cherishing.

3. Highly Visible to the Entire Team

Recognition done in private isn't quite the same as when done in front of the entire team. We all want recognition in front of peers, which is why your recognition should be public and not behind closed doors. Public recognition can magnify the impact of the praise and award and provides inspiration for the rest of the team, helping to encourage additional engagement. You don't even need to host a big award show to make the recognition visible to the team. A small meeting or just an announcement through the company's communication channels are effective ways of increasing the visibility of your employee recognition program.

4. Inclusive of All Employees and Roles

How do you think associate employees would feel if only the executive team ever received awards? Rewards can have unintended negative impacts if only certain types of employees are eligible for them. On the other hand, when companies give premium glass awards to employees at all levels, it shows that everyone in the company is appreciated and is eligible for recognition no matter their role. Make sure that your employee recognition is inclusive, and nobody is left out.

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