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Motivate Employees with Workplace Recognition

Some bosses or managers might assume that the standard pat on the back after a job well done is enough to please most employees. However, new emerging data has found people in the workplace need more praise for their hard work in order for them to continue to put their hearts into the business in which they’re involved.

New statistics have found employees around the nation are more disengaged in their workplace than ever before, nearly 71 percent are not engaged in their office at all, while just 45 percent of these workers think they have positive interactions with their coworkers. This is a huge difference than the experience engaged workers have – 86 percent admitted to having positive interactions with their fellow employees.

Looking closer, it was found much of the sore loser attitude displayed by unhappy workers was linked to a lack of recognition or praise when they did something above and beyond to help their company. Nearly 16 percent of employees left their previous job due to a lack of recognition, while 17 percent of workers interviewed admitted they have never been recognized for their efforts in the workplace. Another 35 percent of workers claimed lack of recognition as the biggest hindranceto their productivity.

These may seem like some somber numbers and facts, yet there are ways to change the mood of the entire office, and it starts with showing employees some recognition. The best way to motivate employees may be to present trophies, glass awards or even custom awards to workers that go above and beyond every month. This may not only motivate others to strive for excellence, but can also keep employees happy, as it shows their hard work does not go unnoticed. Seventy-eight percent of workers said being recognized helps to motivate them in their job, while 69 percent admitted they would work harder on their tasks if they were better recognized by their company. Sixty-three percent of employees said they have no plans on leaving their current position and a part of the reason is due to being satisfied with their level of recognition, while 24 percent who do plan to search out a new job reported finding jobs that are known for employee recognition will be high on their list.

Employers looking to make some positive changes around their offices may want to follow these ideas, not only to create a happier work environment, but also to save money. Overall, disengaged employees cost the U.S. more than $300 billion in expenses. Managers may also want to think about the fact that there’s probably more room in the budget for purchasing recognition awards than completely retraining new staff.