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How to Successfully Retain Student Workers

As a hiring manager, you want to make sure you are crafting a workforce of motivated, bright individuals. In doing so, it is likely that you will hire students, or that some of your best employees will choose to return to school at some point. While you want to make sure your workers have enough time and energy to commit to your organization, chances are you also do not want to lose these intelligent and driven individuals. Use these tips to help propel your business forward while holding on to student workers.

Why students quit

Before you can implement retention strategies, it is important to realize why student workers tend to quit. According to Brigham Young University's human resources department, some students need to depart for unavoidable reasons, like moving away for a study abroad program, but most of the time losing student workers can be avoided. Often, student employees quit because they feel as though their current position is not giving them enough support or training, leaving them feeling stressed, overwhelmed and inadequate. Other common reasons for quitting include low pay scales and lack of flexibility.

How to retain them

Despite the challenges that come with balancing school and work, many students need a job to help fund their education and living expenses, and they are looking for reasons and ways to stay with your organization. Help make their lives easier, continue receiving their best efforts and reduce your company's turnover rate by using these methods.

Value and recognize them

Being a student and an employee is no easy feat, so make sure your staff members in this position know that you acknowledge their hard work and dedication. Encourage them to be open with you about their lives as students so that you can better manage their lives as workers. BYU noted that this includes paying students fair wages. In many cases, low compensation can force them to search for job opportunities elsewhere, so make sure you offer them the highest salary you can. Additionally, be sure to reward their academic achievements. Give them recognition awards for landmark events, like presenting major projects, completing semesters and graduating.

Showcase advancement opportunities

Obviously, your student workers are making future plans their top priorities by actively earning degrees. Because of this, you want to make sure they can see themselves staying at your organization long-term. Gallup reported that a lack of clear advancement opportunities is one of the main factors behind people quitting their jobs, so be proactive about discussing potential career paths with workers who are furthering their education.

Pay attention to what their interests and concentrations are and do your best to show them how those skills could be used in different areas of your business. Be sure to engage student workers in as many training sessions as possible to support and encourage their retention.