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What Color Crystal is The Best for Your Award

Do your awards mean something? Adding color to your awards can add a different connotation to your award and make it even more meaningful. offers 11 different colors of crystal for designing and personalizing custom awards! Colored crystal does more than just look pretty or even match your company logo. Colors carry meaning, whether it stems from historical tradition, psychological phenomena, or industrial norms.

Samples Blocks of Colored Crystal

Red Crystal Awards

Red Crystal

Do you want your award to grab attention? Red-colored crystal brings drama and passion to any award ceremony. Red awards are perfect for the employee that goes the extra mile and is passionate and enthusiastic about their work. It also carries a connotation of assertiveness and authority, which makes red a great color for recognizing leadership.

Red also has quite a few business applications. It can trigger physical reactions including hunger, making it a popular color in the food industry. Red is also used to represent danger and warnings, which makes it popular for fire protection. Other industries that use red are entertainment, sports, and children's products

Orange Crystal Awards

Amber Crystal

Do you want an award to motivate employees? Then amber is the color for you! The exact combination of yellow and orange, amber is named after the fossil resin substance of the same name. Amber is widely regarded as symbolizing energy, which makes it great for inspiring and recognizing hard work. Amber is also thought to improve self-esteem and spark confidence, which would help to welcome and encourage new employees. Recognize employees with an amber-colored crystal award to brighten their day and improve workplace productivity!

Yellow Crystal Awards

Yellow Crystal

Are you looking to brighten the day of a hard-working colleague? Yellow's connection to sunshine gives it a happy, positive vibe, perfect for rainy days. Yellow can evoke emotions of enthusiasm, confidence, and opportunity, which can inspire renewed interest and spark new ideas. On a more psychological level, yellow stimulates the left side of your brain. This helps with decision making, thought clarity, and snap judgments. A yellow award is the perfect corporate recognition award to inspire growth.

From an industrial standpoint, yellow is often used in the food industry because it can spark hunger. It is also common among sports, travel, transportation, and leisure businesses.

Green Crystal Awards

Green Crystal

If you want to recognize growth, then green is your color! Perfect for a growing company or acknowledging a project, green aligns with life and growth. To recognize years of service or a reliable employee, green also represents stability and balance. Green is also symbolic of environmentalism, making it ideal for recognizing achievement in ecological or environmental fields.

For an award that is symbolic of your business, green is common in a wide variety of industries. From banking and real estate to agriculture and non-profits, green can be a great way to connect back to your business.

Blue Crystal Awards

Blue Crystal

To take your years-of-service awards to the next level, try blue-colored crystal! Blue represents trust, loyalty, and responsibility, and choosing a blue award will further help convey that. Blue is also thought to enhance brain function and intelligence.

If you want your award to represent your company, try adding color! Blue is also common among a wide variety of industries. Blue is often associated with the security, finance, technology, healthcare, and accounting sectors.

We offer two different shades of blue-colored crystal. Each shade carries a different meaning.

Shades of Blue Crystals

Light Blue Crystal

Light blue is perfect for awarding the creator or innovator! Lighter shades of blue tend to inspire creativity. Due to its connection with the sky, light blue also has a calming effect, reaffirming the trust conveyed by blue.

Dark Blue Crystal

If you're looking to recognize a more authoritative figure, dark blue is ideal. Dark blue correlates directly with authority and responsibility. Perfect for a reliable leader, dark blue particularly calls on wisdom. For all of these reasons, dark blue is a popular choice for corporate awards.

Purple Crystal Awards

Purple Crystal

To award a compassionate individual, look for purple! Purple inspires self-reflection and evokes emotions of empathy. This leads it to be a popular option among humanitarian organizations. Purple also has a spiritual connotation, promoting imaginative thinking and creativity.

In ancient times, purple was the color of kings as it was the most expensive to make. This carries on today! While purple may not be exclusively for royalty, it does continue to symbolize luxury, power, and status. A purple-colored crystal award is a colorful yet elegant alternative to a clear crystal award.

Black Crystal Awards

Black Crystal

If you want an award to exude class and luxury, black is the way to go. Much like black tie events, black adds an air of sophistication to any award. The color black suggests formality, making black colored crystal awards a more formal alternative. Black is also thought to be the color of power and control. Adding black, whether it is the entirety of the award or just as an accent, creates a formidable award perfect for the person to be reckoned with. Black crystal awards are great for formal awards ceremonies.

Pink Crystal

Are you looking to recognize a kind individual? Pink-colored crystal is a playful way to do just that! Pink is associated with love and compassion, which will add an element of familiarity and gratitude to the recipient. Award a loving and kind humanitarian with a pink award!

If you want your award to represent your business, pink might be your color. Pink is common in the beauty and fashion industries, and also in the women's and children's product markets.

Brown Crystal Awards

Brown Crystal

Are you recognizing a down-to-earth individual? Brown is the perfect color! While many think of brown as drab, brown can represent stability and stricture, making it the perfect color to recognize the rock of your business. Brown has a comforting effect because it is associated with being friendly or sincere. Industries including food and agriculture as well as construction and transportation all commonly use brown. Brown is used in the legal profession as well..

Samples of All Crystal Colors

All of these colors are available as colored crystal options when designing a custom crystal award. You can use any (or all) of these to make your customized award even more perfect. Whether it is matching your company logo or adding meaning.

If you want more color options, we have them! Colorfill adds colored accents to any clear or color crystal award– custom or traditional! If you don't think custom awards are for you, our selection of corporate awards and gifts also has colored crystal awards! To add color to any award, clear or colored crystal, we also have colorfill! Colorfill adds color to etching on your award.

Beyond crystal, our acrylic awards have much more color flexibility, between VividPrint and other coloring methods. We also have colored glass awards, including the ever-popular jade glass. There are so many ways to add color to your award!