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A recognition awards program could boost sales

Because most companies thrive as a result of the sales department, it may be a good idea for business executives to create an awards program that will recognize sellers that have gone above and beyond and brought in massive profits.

If there is some sort of awards incentive program, then these individuals may be more inclined to push their clients that much harder in order to generate a sale. While many people in the sales profession can receive compensation, bonuses and other incentives for their positive track record, a corporate awards program could also serve as an extra push in order to make sales.

However, it's important to determine how often these awards are given, as multiple employee recognition programs could become redundant and therefore people will not be as willing to go the extra mile.

It's also important to determine what exactly people will be rewarded for. One idea is to offer an award for whoever makes the most total sales over a full quarter. Another idea could be to award sales people each quarter who brought in the highest dollar amount in sales.