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5 Tips for Retaining Veteran Employees

As an employer, you want workers that possess leadership skills, dedication, strong work ethics, and loyalty. All of these characteristics are learned in the military, which is why adding veterans to your workforce can be a great choice for your business. Former service members may have unique needs and concerns, however, which is why effective retention strategies concerning them might be different than those you employ for other staff members. Use these five tips to ensure you keep these valuable members of your organization satisfied.

1. Put their skills to good use

Soldiers acquire certain skills during their military careers, and they typically search for civilian positions that allow them to put those skills to good use, noted Vet Advisor. While the position you hire a service member for might not necessarily require the technical knowledge he or she learned during deployment, you should aim to put them in jobs that use some of the transferable qualities every soldier possesses. If you are committed to hiring vets but are not sure how to appropriately absorb them into your office's culture, the source suggested having your HR department participate in a training program on transferring military skills to civilian life.

2. Assign mentors

Despite their highly qualified backgrounds and eagerness to join your team, veterans just out of the service will likely be nervous about starting civilian jobs. The American Genius explained that while the military is very structured and defined, other jobs are much less certain. Try assigning mentors to your military hires that can help them navigate the opportunities available at your company. Have monthly check-ins to make sure your organization's vets are feeling comfortable and confident.

3. Offer competitive benefits

Vet Advisor reported that solid benefits packages are one of the most important things veterans look for in potential jobs. The source explained that the best way to attract and retain military talent is by offering veteran-focused assistance to former soldiers. Businesses that have employee programs just for veterans have higher retention rates for this demographic than those who do not.

4. Recognize veterans on military holidays

Be vigilant about service holidays, such as Veterans Day and Memorial Day, and make sure to recognize your staff's military members on these days. Before they came to work for you, they made immense sacrifices to serve their country, and these sacrifices deserve to be acknowledged. The American Genius recommended having your business' leader send out personal emails to each vet on your staff to make them feel appreciated. If your company employs numerous former soldiers, consider holding a luncheon to honor them. Hand out custom awards to let them know how much you value their current work in addition to their prior service.

5. Create a veteran group

Companies that have a large veteran workforce should consider creating veteran affiliation groups, suggested The American Genius. Former service members will appreciate the opportunity to connect with other soldiers experiencing the same transitions as them. They will also feel valued and recognized, making them more likely to stay on board.