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Fine Awards
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Apples has several crystal apples, glass apples, marble apples and art glass apples to choose from. We can custom engrave your information on any of our apples. Great gifts for teacher awards and educator awards.  Call us today at 1-800-343-3166 or order online to purchase any of our crystal, glass or marble apples.
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  1. Molten Glass Apple

    Molten Glass Apple

    Sizes: 2.5", 3.125"

    Starting at $16
  2. Red Marble Apple

    Red Marble Apple

    Sizes: 3.5"

    Starting at $35
  3. Argyle Apple on Albion

    Argyle Apple on Albion

    Sizes: 3", 3"

    Starting at $115
  4. Melford Apple

    Melford Apple

    Sizes: 2.375", 0", 3.5"

    Starting at $50