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Crystal and Glass Golf Awards

Choose to recognize top performing golfers in your next company golf outing. We provide crystal and glass golf awards to recognize outstanding individual performance in charity tournaments, corporate events, golf leagues, and more. Recognize golfers for the longest drive, best putt, closest-to-the-pin and more with’s stunning collection of crystal and glass golf trophies. For a twist on traditional recognition, our crystal golf desk accessories are great for corporate executives and employees to show off their accomplishments to the entire office.

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  1. Crystal View Golf Award

    Crystal View Golf Award

    Sizes: gggggg6-1/2", 8-1/2"

    Starting at $145
  2. Medallion Golf Plaque

    Medallion Golf Plaque

    Sizes: gggggg6.6", 8"

    Starting at $160
  3. Classic Hole in One

    Classic Hole in One

    Sizes: gggggg4"

    Starting at $240
  4. Fanfare


    Sizes: gggggg9.25" , 10.25" , 11.25"

    Starting at $90
  5. Crystal Driver Head

    Crystal Driver Head

    Sizes: gggggg5.5"

    Starting at $70
  6. Crystal Success Golf Award

    Crystal Success Golf Award

    Sizes: gggggg7.375", 8.5", 9.375"

    Starting at $60
  7. Crystal Apex Golf Award

    Crystal Apex Golf Award

    Sizes: gggggg7", 8.375", 10"

    Starting at $55
  8. Blue Success Golf Award

    Blue Success Golf Award

    Sizes: gggggg8", 10"

    Starting at $80
  9. Distinguished Golf Arch Award

    Distinguished Golf Arch Award

    Sizes: gggggg6.75", 8.5", 10.125"

    Starting at $80
  10. Golf Optima Award

    Golf Optima Award

    Sizes: gggggg8", 9", 10"

    Starting at $115
  11. Crystal Golf Ball Award w/ Clear Tall Base

    Crystal Golf Ball Award w/ Clear Tall Base

    Sizes: gggggg5", 6.5", 8"

    Starting at $55
  12. Crystal Golf Trophies

    Crystal Golf Trophies

    Sizes: gggggg8", 10", 12"

    Starting at $170
  13. Crystal Famous Golfer Trophy

    Crystal Famous Golfer Trophy

    Sizes: gggggg12", 131/4"

    Starting at $185
  14. Crystal Ishtar Golf Award

    Crystal Ishtar Golf Award

    Sizes: gggggg12"

    Starting at $305
  15. Crystal Desk Top Paperweight

    Crystal Desk Top Paperweight

    Sizes: gggggg31/4", 41/4"

    Starting at $51
  16. Crystal Golf Ball Paperweight

    Crystal Golf Ball Paperweight

    Sizes: gggggg21/8", 3"

    Starting at $40
  17. Crystal Golf Goddess Award

    Crystal Golf Goddess Award

    Sizes: gggggg11.5"

    Starting at $195
  18. Goddess of Golf Crystal Award

    Goddess of Golf Crystal Award

    Sizes: gggggg12", 14"

    Starting at $205
  19. Crystal Driver Head w/Tall Base

    Crystal Driver Head w/Tall Base

    Sizes: gggggg4.75", 5.5", 6.5"

    Starting at $55
  20. Absolute Crystal Golf Trophy

    Absolute Crystal Golf Trophy

    Sizes: gggggg7", 8.5", 10"

    Starting at $105
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