How to Keep your Crystal and Acrylic Awards looking like new!


Congratulations on being recognized for your outstanding achievement.  Now that you have received your award you want to keep it looking just as amazing as when you received it.  To clean your crystal or glass award you will want to dust them often to prevent dust build up.  We suggest dusting your award every other week, depending on the air quality of your home or office.  Feather dusters are great for a light dusting, no need to use any strong chemicals.

Sometimes your award will need some TLC (finger prints, spilled a drink on it, or just haven’t had the time for dusting).  We use a commercial grade glass cleaner prior to sending our awards to our customers, but you can use any ammonia based glass cleaner or make your own cleaner with diluted white vinegar (1 part white vinegar and 2 parts water).  We have found that it is best not to use a multi-purpose cleaner.  They have a tendency to leave streaks that are tough to remove.  We suggest that you do not spray the cleaner directly onto the award.  Instead spray onto a soft, clean rag or soft paper towel and then wipe the awards.  Make sure you wipe the entire cleaner off of the award to avoid streaks.

If you received an acrylic award you should avoid using any household cleaners such as Windex.  These cleaners contain chemicals that can cause the acrylic to dull and craze.  The best way to care for your acrylic awards is to clean them with a soft rag and some warm water with a small amount of liquid soap.  It’s that easy to keep your awards looking spectacular.