Best Fonts for Etching and Why They Matter?

It’s the small details that can make the ordinary into something extraordinary, especially when you’re designing custom awards for your employees.

Stack of books on the study of fonts.

Choosing a complementary font is one of the most important decisions that you have to make when designing your custom recognition awards. This is not only going to determine how eye-catching your award will look but also how impactful your message will be with the recipient.

But with endless libraries of fonts to choose from, it may be a little difficult for some people to narrow down to a specific font or they may overlook it as a trivial element of the award as a whole. By the way, this is written in Calibri.

Selecting a complementary font for your award is just as important as color schemes and details. By working alongside our designers, we can help you choose the best font for your finalized award piece.

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There are also different aspects that you should be aware of when choosing a font, which we will highlight in this blog. Continue reading and we’ll go into depth about the best fonts for custom awards.

Font and Text Sizing for your Custom Awards

Selecting a good font is crucial but you also have to take into consideration the length of text and size. Text sizing is vital when communicating written content clearly but varies depending on the area where you’re going to use the text.

When you’re select a specific font, our designers suggest that you choose a font that is bold and open, such as sans serif. Sandblasting and engraving text is made easier with font types like these because of its boldness and open lettering.

Other fonts with similar designs to sans serif include:

  • Arial
  • PT Sans
  • Helvetica

Our minimum font size is 11pt so anything below that is not going to etch clearly, regardless of your font choice. Sandblasting is the most common way we engrave text on an award’s surface. If the font size is too small, the final text will unreadable and smudged. Surely your employees won’t love that.

It’s not only important that the award looks good for the sake of looking good but because it’s a demonstration of appreciation for someone who’s working hard at your company.

Below we have gathered a list of the popular fonts that are great for etching.

List of fonts that are ideal award engravings.

But before deciding on a specific, you should consider how that font affects the award’s aesthetic and its message. Here’s why.

Why you Should Consider Fonts and Typography?

If you Google the number of fonts available for the world to use, the number can easily exceed the 100,000s, and to organize the font, they’re placed into a category called typeface.

A typeface is a font collection with different weights, or if a font is italicized or bold. If you know HTML5, this may be confused with font family, which is a collection of similar typography, but they’re not the same.

Now, pertaining to choosing a font for your custom awards, you have to analyze both your company’s culture and the recipient to choose an appropriate font. This is due to a font’s psychological effect on people when reading it. For example:

  • Impact: This font immediately catches your attention due to its thick and bold letters, ideal for H1, or title tags, or brand names on banners. Ideally for business-casual companies, post-modern advertisement, and multicolored custom awards.
  • Times New Roman: This is the quintessential formality font. Remember during your college days, your professors wanted term papers in this font? Now you know why. This font gives documents and articles a formal polish that can’t be done with many fonts.

This font is perfect for high-end crystal awards and ceremonies. Also, it’s best for names, dates, and other personalized text.

As you can see, selecting a font for your awards isn’t just choosing the prettiest one, but the one that communicates your appreciation and the recipient’s accomplishment.

This may seem a little much too to consider, luckily for you, we have an experienced design team that will you design the best award and determines specific details, such as font.

Working with our Designers

The aspect that separates us from other companies is our unique approach to designing your custom awards.

A designer's work-space.

Our team of skilled designers will work alongside you during the design process of your awards. Before we even begin piecing together your awards, we like to ask you about the “vision” of your award. This vision is a personal conception of the award from you; this is a key aspect of the design process.

Afterward, we use your vision and ideas, all of which are approved by you, to make the custom award. Before the finalization of the award, we’ll send you an art proof, or a final draft, for you to approve before we make the final product.     

If you require any additional information on a font that is not listed here, feel free to give us a call or send us an e-mail, and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

Remember professional design is included in your price so most often we suggest you leave the decision up to our art team and then you can approve the choice that we think will look best when you receive your proof for approval.

Including appreciation into an award’s design will make it rememberable because every detail of the award will be considered.

Although font types are not often considered when designing custom recognition awards, they play an important role in clearly communicating the aesthetics and message of the award.

Whether you’re hosting a formal ceremony or a close-knit company one, the font is an accessory that improves the award’s design. These awards are not merely for a nice occasion, but a well-deserved thanks to your employees.

If you’d like to design an award with us, feel free to contact us using the link at the top to get in touch with our designers. We have more than 20 years’ experience and we’re eager to work with you!