September Team Breakfast at

It’s time again for this month’s team breakfast and WIT Award presentation. Our WIT Award is given to that employee that shows the ability and drive to do “Whatever it Takes”. This month’s winner is Yoremi Campos. Yoremi exhibits all the qualities of a great team member and is a critical part of the Art team. The art department and our clients count on her to deliver beautiful and perfect proofs every time. WIT Award Winner

Our owner and CEO Seth Fine got the troops fired up while talking about the upcoming award season. From now through the month of March our clients are getting ready to send us end of the year orders honoring milestones and company achievements. Our team is gearing up for the season and we are ready to serve all of our clients award needs.

We also took time to recognize some new team members that have recently joined the team. One of our company rituals is to assign each team member an animal they most resemble and to commemorate that in a beautiful paperweight.

We recognize:

Jasmine Cuffy: Jasmine joined customer service several months ago and has already become crucial to our success. Jasmine reminds us of a Panda due to her gentle strength, positive outlook and determination.

Chantal Eckert: Chantal is also new to customer service and has fit the team and its needs perfectly. Chantal is our Deer because of her ability to move through obstacles with grace, her intuition and sensitivity and the ease which she changes direction.

Dana Silverstein: Dana joined the art team svereal month’s ago and has done a great job handling our client’s most demanding needs. Dana is our Dolphin; playful, inner strength and cooperation.

Jeff Klein: Jeff is the King of the Jungle…our LION! His courage, strength in overcoming difficult situations, and personal power help guide the company forward.

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Stay tuned for next month’s WIT Award winner and updates as the Award Season goes into full swing