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Fine Awards
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While our goal has always been crystal clear, our environmental mission is a lighter shade of green. We are focused on creating beautiful awards for all of our customers while exercising corporate responsibility. We feel the keys to success and longevity in any industry are customer service and commitment to the community. The right combination of dedication and passion to both will ensure a more rewarding experience we can all enjoy now and in the future.

Donating Trees Everyday

Starting back in July 2009, was proud to announce that for every order over $100 we would donate at least 1 tree on our customer's behalf and we kicked off our new initiative by planting 5000 trees to help sustain cultures around the world. Since then we have planted thousands of trees per year around the world thanks in large part to you, our "forever customers", for your loyal support of our program as well as your own initiatives to recognize deserving employees within your organization.

Now at the same time your awards program recognizes your brightest stars, you are also creating a brighter future for others around the world. Help us do our part for the environment.

Green Office Tips

Our initiative of “going green” had its payback in terms of financial dvidends and reduction of the expenses. It requires cultural change but the results can be financially measured just like all the other activities within a company.
Here are some easy “green” ideas that you can apply in your office to generate financial payback and peace of mind:

  • Switch from regular fax machine to e- fax.
  • Adjust printer setting to double- sided and print in “light dark”
  • Turn off computers at the end of the day
  • Print using recycled copy paper
  • Buy refurbished ink cartridge and toner which can cost you half of the price

Did you know that:

  • Having a coffee pot on for 8 hrs = $10.08 monthly
  • Having your computer/monitor on for 24 hrs = $121.10 per month for each station?
  • 120 tons of steel is saved if every U.S office worker used one less staple a day?