Why the Art Department Seeks Approval for Proofs Five Production Days before Shipping

As soon as an artist is assigned to your order to begin proofing, it is ideal for all artwork – as well as any recipient names and award information specifics – to be uploaded as soon as possible. This eliminates added correspondence between artist and customer that might slow down the proofing process and potentially cut into the five-day window that we request for printing, reviewing, laying artwork onto the pieces, etching, cleaning, quality control, packaging and shipping your awards. Although the artists enjoy building rapport with customers and communicating with them regularly, it is more imperative that we get your awards to their destinations flawlessly by the ship date that you have selected. Cutting into this time may force us to push back your dates.

Once your proof has been uploaded, the artist assigned to your order will follow up with you directly to notify you that your proof is available for your review. The faster you are able to respond with approvals or desired changes, the faster we are able to either begin the production process or work on the changes you have noted. Any changes that are requested after the allotted five-day window can still be made, but a new ship date may need to be determined.

For rush orders – orders that are scheduled to ship within 24-48 hours after your order has been placed – the time window for production is even shorter, leaving less time for missing artwork and changes. We ask in these cases that you understand that your final approval is needed as soon as possible before your order is scheduled to be shipped…particularly after rush shipping fees have been added. It is harder to revise rush orders, unlike standard orders which allow for more time. A follow up to the customer will still be attempted for rush orders, but less time will be available before a change in your ship date must be made.