What is photo etching on awards?

photo etching

Photo etching process Part 1.

Did you know that way before photos were printed on paper they were printed on glass? This might sound a little out there but it’s true! Of course nowadays we use a different method and images come out very different than before but is fascinating to know a little bit of history about it.

This two-part post will help you understand the photoetching process and give you some insight on what it takes to make your beautiful picture into a halftone.

The Halftone term refers to an image made up of a pattern of black dots. The darker areas in the image are represented by larger dots placed close together and the lighter areas by spread-out smaller dots. By altering the size of these dots an illusion of shades of gray can be achieved.

Refer to the image above for an example

In Part 2 we will show you the step by step process of creating a halftone image.

See you then!