Welcome to the FineAwards.com New Teamwork & Recognition Blog


Over the years FineAwards.com has dabbled with blogging and social media trying to figure out the what, why and how in order to bring our customers an interesting, fresh perspective from the awards and recognition industry.  It is with great pride that I finally get to introduce our new and improved Teamwork & Recognition Blog.  We are excited to share our experiences from more than 15 years helping clients design unique corporate awards including custom crystal awards and corporate gifts.

But we are shifting our focus from just selling awards to sharing the information you need to understand why recognition is so important to retain key employees and improve your bottom line.   My team is committed to uncovering the facts all owners and managers must know to keep your staff engaged as well as highlight how our corporate awards are created from concept to completion.  I don’t like to make a lot of guarantees but this is one I am very comfortable sharing…I am confident that FineAwards.com can help you take your awards and recognition program to the highest level while in most cases actually saving you money.

We have been trusted by many of the largest corporations in the world.  Let’s work together to develop unique custom awards in order to effectively appreciated the lifeline of your business while we share the journey towards success.

Seth A. Fine