Vladimir Guerrero wins recognition award for designated hitter

Players are recognized for their hitting records throughout the seasonBy Jonathan Bennett

The Edgar Martinez Outstanding Designated Hitter Award is given each year to the baseball player in the American League who has demonstrated the best record while serving as his team's designated hitter. The recognition award has been presented annually since 1973. The designated hitter award was named after Martinez when he retired from the Seattle Mariners in 2004.

This year, the award was given to Vladimir Guerrero, who was recognized for helping the Texas Rangers make it to their first World Series, according to the Wall Street Journal. Other contenders for the Martinez award were Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz and the Minnesota Twins' Jim Thome.

However, ESPN reports that although he may have helped them through the playoffs, Guerrero may not be back next season, as the team declined a $9 million option for 2011 in his contract. However, the team has said that they are interested in trying to make a new deal with Guerrero.

The news provider reports that this win makes Guerrero the second Ranger to win the award, following Rafael Palmeiro's win in 1999.