Virginia Beach business wins green awards in Big Apple

By: Tucker Harrington

Finding new and improved ways to run businesses with less of an impact on the environment has grown over the years. Not only are small steps like switching light bulbs or going paperless good for the Earth, they also help cut back on expenses. Despite these benefits, it’s also nice to be praised for making a difference in the community, which is exactly what happened to Dennis Skelly, a senior manager for Liberty Property Trust.

The Virginia Beach-based property managing employer earned multiple awards during the recent Urban Green Council event in New York City. According to The Pilot, Skelly won the Smooth Operator and Reformed Gas Guzzler awards during the presentation, specifically for his project, an office building called Reflections II.

The Urban Green Council official website reports its EBie Awards, or “existing buildings,” awards, are given out to individuals and businesses around the nation that help to be greener to improve the health of the environment. The awards were first created in 2012 and have been growing in popularity ever since.