VideoBloom one of the winners of the Telly Awards

By Tucker Harrington

The Telly Awards, which honors the best local and regional cable television and commercials, recently announced the winners of this year. One of which was the Denver-based VideoBloom, and it won two of these recognition awards.

The company was awarded for two of their online videos – “Actualize the Enterprise Cloud” and “Nutri-Lyze/Stable-Lyze.”

The senior video editor at the company, Hans Damkoehler, expressed how grateful he was for these Telly Awards because of all the creative and hard work his team did this past year, especially because some of the team members went to great lengths to achieve what they wantted to accomplish.

“For the Nutri-Lyze spot, our supervising producer, Kelly Johnson, had to actually encourage our cast of animals to do bad things including jumping on tables, eating people food and getting into the trash. Taking a fresh, creative approach to our work is what allows us to produce such quality video content,” Damkoehler said.

This marks the 32nd year of the Telly Awards, which covers all of the U.S. plus other countries around the world.