UK developer earns green status

UK developer earns green status

By: Tucker Harrington

Finding new ways to become more eco-friendly at home, the office and in public settings is growing more important as news continues to comes out on the impact carbon footprints are playing in the demise of the environment. According to the Shields Gazette, South Shields, U.K. development company Four Housing Group has earned one of the most prestigious recognition awards for its efforts to create green housing developments. 

The company was honored with the Best New Affordable Housing Scheme trophy at the recent Housing Excellence Awards. The housing development also earned multiple other accolades during the event, though the Affordable Housing Scheme was the most prominent to be given out. Dawn Keightley, director of operations at Four Housing Group, told the news outlet the award means everyone's efforts at the company are paying off. 

"The vision from the outset was to create a social housing development that was not only affordable but would also be the first to achieve carbon negativity," Keightley shared with the news outlet. "This means the homes actually create more energy than they use, making Sinclair Meadows [the development the company won for] one of the most eco-friendly developments in the U.K. We are thrilled with the recognition for a job well done."

Four Housing Group's official website reports the company's vision is to "provide affordable homes and quality services" while improving the lives of residents and making housing properties more sustainable.