Throwback Thursday: Cheers to 20 years with the MLB

The Hank Arron Award - 1999

Celebrating 20 Years of the Hank Aaron Award

It was April 1999 when FineAward’s CEO Seth Fine was invited to the Atlanta Braves Stadium to witness the MLB hand out the first of what would become one of the highest annual honors: The Hank Aaron Award.

The Major League Baseball’s Hank Aaron Award was first given out in 1999 to mark the 25-year anniversary of Hank Aaron beating Babe Ruth’s 714 career home run record. Ever since creating the first Hank Aaron award, the MLB has been returning year after year.

“Twenty years has just flown by since we first designed the Hank Aaron Award for the MLB,” said CEO Fine. “It feels like yesterday that I was invited to their offices in New York City.”

Fine said he was excited to even be considered to create the MLB’s newest annual award. He was even more thrilled when his company,, beat out a major crystal and jewelry brand that was also bidding to create the award. Ultimately, the MLB liked’s proposal more. Our ingenuity, selection of timeless materials and competitive cost earned us the honor to create the Hank Aaron Award.

The Hank Arron Award - 1999
Hank Aaron Holding the 1st Hank Aaron MLB Award in 1999 with Seth Fine.

Ever since the inaugural year, Hank Aaron himself has handed out the cherry wood, granite and antique-finished metal award during the 4th game of each world series.

The Original Hank Aaron Award Created By

“We had the pleasure of attending the inauguration event on the field and then even got to meet the legend himself. What an amazing experience!” Fine recalled.

Atlanta Braves Press Conference Ticket
Seth Fine’s press conference ticket for the Atlanta Braves in 1999
Hank Aaron Memorabilia
Memorabilia from Seth’s trip to the Hank Aaron Award Presentation in 1999

When it comes to selecting a recipient of the award, fans cast weighted votes online and votes from broadcasters and analysts are also heavily weighed. The first-ever recipients of the Hank Aaron Award were Manny Ramirez and Sammy Sosa. The most recent are Christian Yelich and J.D. Martinez. Alex Rodriguez has received the Hank Aaron award most – now totaling four times.

Keep an eye out for this tradition at the World Series this year on October 26. To get inspired for your next custom award, visit our custom crystal and custom acrylic award galleries.