The Best Retirement Gifts for your Employees

The retirement of an employee is both a joyous and poignant time for a company. On one hand, this person can now enjoy the fruits of his long career, but you’ll be missing a valued member of your team. This is why retirement gifts are so important.

Recognize retirees with retirement gifts;

There are many retirement gift ideas on the market, but it can be hard finding something meaningful for that unique person. You can easily narrow down your award search by looking at the retiree’s unique personality that they brought to your company.

By analyzing their personality, searching through a long list of retirement gifts and awards is made easier, especially if time is of the essence.

So, if you’re looking for that special gift or custom award for a retiring employee, continue reading and we’ll touch upon the most popular retirement gift ideas we offer at

Personalized Awards

Nothing says success like an elegant award with your name on it. This is why most of our clientele choose personalized awards for their employee’s retirement because there’s nothing better than a bold award to thank someone for their hard work and dedication.

Custom engraved awards are what we at specialize in and what most of our clients look for when they come to us. Here, we have crystal, glass, and acrylic award pieces that can be personalized to your liking or we can have one custom made for the retiree.

Our stock pieces are made of the three materials mentioned above, you can have the employee’s name and the number of years he was with the company. These details can be engraved one of two ways:

Star awards make excellent retirement gifts!
  • Sandblasting: This is the most impressive way to personalize your awards. We spray diamond grit sand at high pressure to precisely carve your message onto the award.
  • 3-D Engravings:Now, if you want something more eye-catching, this the route that you should take. By uploading an image of your choice via computer, a 3-D engraving machine uses lasers to make small engravings on pinpointed areas on the award to make an image.

Once the process is complete, you’ll have a complete three-dimensional rendering that you can clearly see no matter at which angle you hold the award piece.

These two methods can make remarkably beautiful awards, but if you’re looking for something truly unique, we can also make custom-made pieces for you.

This is the process that highlights our customer-client relationship because it goes far beyond a money-item exchange.

Your interaction with us extends into the designing process of your awards. Custom awards are made based on your suggestions and ideas. Once the award has been finalized, you’ll be given art proofs, or refined drafts, of your awards. Once they are approved, we’ll make the award for you.

Now, if you’re not interested in awards, we offer other retirement gifts that’ll interest your retiree.

Poker Set Retirement Gifts

Whether it’s Texas Hold’em or Omaha, poker is a good way to bond with people or your company team, and see what they’re made of. Here at, all of our poker sets come in either 100 or 300 chipsets, as well as two outer-decorative materials.

Personalized poker sets make outstanding retirement gifts!

The two materials are rosewood and leatherette, which is synthetic leather-like material.

The rosewood sets have a more rustic and elegant feel to their appearance; they almost look like Cuban cigar cases fresh from Havana.

While the leatherette cases, on the other hand, are sleeker and metallic looking. The leatherette comes in three colors:

  • Rustic: This color is more along the lines of military green or greenish-brown.
  • Grey: This silverish grey color gives the case a metallic look.
  • Black: You can’t get sleeker and elegant than this jet-black colored case.

All of these poker set cases are laser engraved, which will give them a distinctive look that you won’t find in any novelty store.

But, if your retiree is not a poker player, we also offer other retirement gifts that’ll surely pique their interest, such as the game sets mentioned below.

Chess Sets

These chess sets along with the poker sets are elegantly personalized and made for portability. The game boxes are made of rosewood, with a velvet inner lining. The game pieces are also wooden which adds a rustic appearance to game sets.

The rosewood is a warm, deep-red color that adds to the elegance of its entire appearance. The interior of the case is where you store the chess pieces; lined with smooth black velvet, your pieces will be stored safely, and it gives the box a luxe feel.

Wine Glasses, Decanters, and Accessories

Most people don’t normally expect to find high-end drinkware when shopping for retirement gifts, but they’re a highly desired item. Especially for the wine enthusiast in your office.

We offer you a wide selection of tall Bordeaux and Tulip glasses to short Domaine crystal glasses, all of which can be personalized just for that person. All of our fine drinkware can hold between 11.25oz to 26oz of liquid.

Clear crystal decanter retirement gifts.

In addition to glasses and drinkware, we also sell crystal wine decanters and wine stoppers as accessories to an already impressive wine collection. The decanter features a thumb insert for firm handling and the wine stoppers come in either smooth or beveled detailing, all of which can be personalized for free.

Here at, we’re experts at employee recognition and we’ve seen the morale boost an award or gift can bring an employee. It makes that person feel that their effort at the company is noticed and their superiors appreciate them for going beyond what was asked of them.

We put the same philosophy into retirement gift ideas. The items are different from each other but the admiration for their efforts is found in the precise detailing and design of the items mentioned above.

Along with our free personalization offer, our team of designers can make the award or gift that much more special with the retiree’s name on it. Even the smallest gestures of gratitude can make a profound difference in a person’s retirement from their career.