Telemundo covers’s service awards ceremony for Florida Medical Center’s employees and Broward County EMS.'s service awards ceremony

A service awards ceremony was held on September 10th to recognize Florida Medical Center COVID departments, paramedics, and firefighters from several cities for their work in extending their unconditional help to those who faced the deadly virus. This recognition awards program was conceived by and Tenet Healthcare, which manages many South Florida hospitals.'s service awards ceremony

In June and July, the number of COVID infections in South Florida had an alarming spike. So much so that hospitals were overwhelmed, maxing out floor staff members. But because of continued dedication, the number of infections in August and September has slowly diminished.

As Leo Restrepo, a nurse manager at Florida Medical Center, says, “We work diligently and the number of infections has dropped, but we’re still helping many of our patients who are still sick.”   

The fire departments of Broward County also received service awards at this ceremony. Firefighters contribute by being available when an emergency occurs and if people require emergency medical assistance.

There’s no better example of “we’re in this together” than the efforts of COVID hospital units and the fire departments. We as the providers of these awards hope these service awards keep their dedication kindled until this pandemic is gone.

As Restrepo says, “It’s a great honor. I feel happy and appreciated. It has been a difficult few months after this challenge we’ve been through.”