Tech Awards Circle honors the best in the technology industry

By Tucker Harrington

The Tech Awards Circle is now open for nominations, as the independent program honors the best products, vendors and individuals who make the biggest impact on the technology industry. This year, which is the fourth since the ceremony was established, will also include a category for startup companies to be honored.

Winners over the years have come from all different facets of the technology world such as hardware, software, consumer, midrange and enterprise markets.

“Over the past four years, Tech Awards Circle has maintained a level playing field in which products from emerging companies with only a handful of employees are judged against established vendors with large market share, so we are looking forward to entries in a category strictly for startups,” said Kevin Anderson, awards program coordinator. “No one can argue that often the most compelling, world-changing ideas come from brand-new companies, and these companies now have a greater opportunity for recognition.”

Those who want to nominate a product, individual, startup or vendor to win crystal awards can do so before the April 27 deadline.