Recognizing Our Finest: Andi

It may only be the second day of fall, but you might already have noticed a change in your office! In addition to new decorations or more pumpkin goodies, you might see a decline in workplace morale. As the days get shorter, employee enthusiasm can cool down with the temperature, reducing productivity. One great way to improve the mood and efficiency of your office is to engage in employee recognition! Seasonal recognition awards are a great way to maintain that sunny summer ...
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Recognition Awards: An American History

Our American Eagle Statue Award featuring a bronze finish eagle on a rustic looking flag, all on a wood base.
Ever wonder where recognition awards started? Well, it was in America during the Revolutionary War! George Washington was the first person to recognize common soldiers for their service. These first awards for valor awarded to a soldier regardless of their class went to three soldiers who acted heroically at a crucial time during the Revolutionary War! With the Fourth of July right around the corner, let's take a look at the history of recognition awards and see how recogniti...
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