SouthWest receives recognition award for keeping the communication open with employees and audiences

Some customers rely on a company's website, which is why SouthWest did such a good job in meeting their needsBy Jonathan Bennett

SouthWest Water Company, which specializes in water production, treatment and distribution and customer service, recently received the 2010 MarCom Gold Award, which is an international competition that honors professionals in concept, writing, design and marketing, communications programs and audio and visual materials.

The award is presented by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), and was given to the company for its website and its employee newsletter called The Water Cooler. The website was recently redesigned and demonstrated extensive commitment to customer service, which is why it won the Platinum Award for the Electronic/Social/Interactive Media category.

Company executives were honored by the recognition, as they said that the business strives to keep the communication flowing.

"Our goal is to craft communications that engage our audiences and show SouthWest Water's commitment to being good stewards of water resources," said DeLise Keim, vice president of corporate communications for SouthWest Water. "We are proud that our efforts have been recognized by these prestigious awards."