Sodexo honored at Internal Control Awards

By Tucker Harrington

It was recently announced that Sodexo, a company that helps other businesses excel based on employee performance, has been honored at the second Internal Control Awards. The company received the Best Contribution by Internal Audit.

These recognition awards are put in place to honor those who implement the most efficient risk management and internal control systems.

Sodexo was honored for its strategy of encouraging best practices while building a culture that shares the ideals with risk management. The company sets up quarterly workshops that allows employees to share strategic tools, along with problems that they may have within the company they work for. They also put forth “testers,” which are people from Sodexo who work with the client in order to properly assess the situation. This way, they can also determine if they are being successful in their efforts.

“All of our employees today understand the importance of internal control for our shareholders, our clients and partners. It improves the reliability of information communicated, enhances operational efficiency and reduces overall risk,” said Sodexo Chairman Pierre Bellon.