Should I get Colorfill on my Awards?

The beauty of our finely crafted glass and crystal awards lend themselves best with the simple yet elegant sandblasted white frosted look; however we can add a touch of color to your pieces to enhance the final look of your design.

Adding colorfill to your pieces is the perfect way to make your personalized text stand out, we offer a wide variety of colors and while we do not color match we will do our best to make sure your awards exceed your expectations.  Note that not all items can be color filled; therefore be sure to check with us if you have any questions.

You can choose to add color to your entire award or a simple touch of color to small sections that you would like to bring attention to.  Adding a single color to your awards create uniformity, makes your artwork stand out and increase the perceived value. However, if what you had in mind was adding multiple colors to your piece you should keep in mind that there will need to be a clear separation between them to prevent them from mixing.

In some of our pieces, the colorfill is done at no charge and it will be represented by a small color palette on the product page but for others, a small added charge may apply; therefore do not hesitate to send us an e-mail if you have any questions.  Items such as marble and recycled glass pieces are best shown with a touch color in order to create a beautiful contrast between your design and the award itself.