Retain your school’s top teachers with these helpful tips

Working in education administration, you know that the foundation of any good school rating is a talented team of teachers. Once you find instructors who are qualified, intelligent and productive, you want to do everything you can to keep them on board. Use these tips to retain your top educators.

Create a collaborative environment

According to CNN, one of the best things you can do to keep your teachers happy and motivated is to make sure none of them feel isolated. Make sure you are offering plenty of time and resources for instructors from different areas to get together and discuss lesson plans, strategies and mutual students who may need special attention. The source noted that carving out this time is no easy task, but the positive shift toward a unified school culture will make a huge difference when it comes to keeping teachers happy, motivated and productive.

Be open about opportunities for advancement

People are more likely to stay in a job if they feel like it might take them higher in their careers. Sungard¬†K-12 noted that you should have open lines of communication with your staff members about what positions could be open to them in the future. Make sure they know what jobs like headteacher or even administrative positions entail, and how they can get to those places if they sound interesting to them. This same principle applies if you think a teacher could increase the difficulty or complexity of their curriculum or maybe even take on a new subject – point out your teachers’ potential and they will be more motivated to achieve it.

Ask for feedback and use it to improve conditions

Being a teacher is a difficult job that requires large amounts of work and commitment. As an administrator, it is your job to let your workers know you are there to help them in any way you can. CNN noted that many times, teachers feel like their voices are not being heard and that they are on the lower end of the educational hierarchy. Any time you seek to make a big decision within your workplace, make sure to ask for teacher input. It could be that the new schedule change you think would benefit them would actually leave them with less preparation time – you will not know how your choices affect your staff until you ask them.

Recognize and reward outstanding educators

Because teachers’ salaries are notoriously low, most people who enter the field do so because it is their passion. Acknowledge their success in the industry they adore to help encourage them to achieve at high levels. Try selecting one day a month where teachers can gather after school to unwind and have some fun. Present recognition awards to instructors who accomplished something positive in the past few weeks – maybe they helped raise test scores or made a breakthrough with a slow learner.

By: Seth Fine