Retain workers regardless of location

You’ve probably heard the old adage “location, location, location,” when it comes to good real estate purchases. This phrase could easily be applied to jobs as well. While committed professionals are always looking for new opportunities, it can be difficult to tear talent away from cities that offer exciting culture and high quality of life. If your business is based in a geographically undesirable location, there are still ways you can recruit and retain top workers.

Assist with relocation

Show workers that you are willing to invest in them by offering enticing relocations packages. People Fluent explained that companies serious about getting the best employees on board need to front at least some moving expenses. After all, if you do not offer this benefit, some other organization will. If you cannot afford to pay for every fee associated with relocation, establish a set dollar amount you will be willing to pay, and offer to help your new hire research the best neighborhoods for his or her specific needs.

CapRelo noted that many people are hesitant to move because they are afraid they will not be able to sell their homes in a timely fashion. Offer home sale assistance by helping your candidate secure a quality real estate company. Many businesses offer to purchase homes if they do not sell quickly. If your organization cannot afford this, help your new hire find someone to lease the property to.

Be flexible

If you are located in a less-than-exciting destination, being flexible is crucial to the success of your company. When you think you have found the perfect fit, but your desired candidate is hesitant to pack his or her bags, consider allowing the worker to stay put and work remotely. People Fluent explained that modern technology has made telecommuting quite easy.

Between video chatting and social media, actually being in the office to get work done is becoming an antiquated notion. If you allow people to work from home, they will not only feel more comfortable joining your organization, but they will also feel very trusted and appreciated.

Recognize and reward

If you are gaining a top worker, just remember that he or she could probably find employment close to home, but is taking a risk and joining you regardless. Be sure to acknowledge this sacrifice on a regular basis. Whether you offer your new hire formal recognition awards or simply send out weekly emails to check-in, he or she will feel appreciated and may be more likely to stay on board.

By: Seth Fine