Promote camaraderie with glass awards

Promote camaraderie with glass awardsBy: Abigail Richards

Today's society has grown to be more about personal gain rather than helping others succeed. Although it is crucial that kids learn how to get ahead as they age, helping them realize it's important to be kind to others may be just as beneficial.

Teachers looking to spread the holiday cheer this season may want to hold contests that ask students to anonymously record and pass in people's names who have helped them in school. The help can vary – from a student offering a hand to pick up another child's dropped books, to holding the door open for another pupil on the way in or out of school. Not only will the people nominated feel happy about their good deeds, but the idea may spark some students to start caring about more than just themselves.

Help sweeten the contest by offering customized glass awards to the students who were nominated the most by their peers. Have the prize say something like "Don't Be Afraid to Lend a Helping Hand," or another positive message that the student can be proud of. This gift may be even more special as it shows being helpful and kind goes a long way.