Popular video games earn praise

By: Jonathan Bennett

When it comes to gaming, it seems the same formula works to please a wide range of audiences. However, the recently announced Game Critics Awards nominees peg a startup company with the most praise. USA Today reports Respawn Entertainment’s inaugural project, “Titanfall,” earned an impressive six nominations, putting the brand up against a slew of more well known gaming companies.

“Titanfall” is up for Best of Show, Best Console Game, Best Original Game, Best PC Game, Best Action Game and Best Online Multiplayer. The company will go up against Bungie/Activision for “Destiny,” Oculus VR for “Oculus Rift HD,” Sony Computer Entertainment for “PlayStation 4 and Ubisoft for “Watch Dogs” in the Best of Show category.

In the Best Original Game category, “Titanfall” will go up against “Destiny,” “Fantasia,” “Rain” and “Watch Dogs.”

According to the Game Critics Awards official website, the annual event is meant to “recognize the games that will shape the future of interactive entertainment, as demonstrated via hands-on playable form at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles, Calif.”

Fans of the games can see if their favorite companies or games earned titles when custom trophies are handed out July 2.