Poet wins the Costa Book of the Year award

By Jonathan Bennett

Jo Shapcott, the UK poet, was recently announced as the winner of the Costa Book of the Year, making it the second year in a row that works of poetry won the recognition award.

According to the Press Association, Shapcott’s win was a surprise to many, including herself.

“I’m so shocked I’ve won, I haven’t thought about that,” she told the news provider. “I’ll probably do the guttering or something. People always try to measure poetry, whether it has gained momentum or fallen back or is it fading away but it’s always there, it really is always there.”

She added that she didn’t know how she would be spending her £30,000 in prize money.

According to the Telegraph, Shapcott published her first collection in 1988 and has won the National Poetry Competition twice. Her other collections of poetry include “My Life Asleep” and “Tender Taxes.”

Interestingly, the news source reports that in her academic career, Shapcott attended Harvard University. One of her professors was Seamus Heaney, who also took home the Costa prize.