Physician recruiting website receives recognition award for innovation

The physician recruiting website was recognized for thinking aheadBy Abigail Richards

As the business world is continually changing, it's important for companies to have a sense of innovation in order to stay ahead of the curve., a physician recruiting firm, recently was given the Coles da Vinci award by the Coles Business College and the Center for Business Innovation & Creativity at Kennesaw State University. The recognition award is given to businesses that have a strong commitment to modernization.

"We are honored to receive this award from Kennesaw State University, and excited to be recognized for something as important as innovation." said R. Shane Jackson, president of "We work daily to discover and invest in new and innovative practices that will benefit not only our employees, but ultimately our clients as we develop new ways to provide the highest levels of service possible."

Participants become eligible for the award who complete a survey issued by the KSU Center of Business Innovation & Creativity. received an 86 percent vote that they encourage innovation throughout all levels of the company and 83 percent of respondents said that the employees are given to the tools to boost modernization.