Pfizer awarded with Corporate Citizenship Award

Pharmaceutical company earns corporate awardBy Jonathan Bennett

It was recently announced that Pfizer Inc., one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies worldwide, was awarded with the Corporate Citizenship Award for Global Health Partnerships Program.

The award honors companies that show both corporate and civic leadership within the industry, along with creativity in their programs. Pfizer Foundation was designed to combat diseases by strengthening heathcare systems across the globe including those that supported cancer and those that diminish problems like tobacco use.

"Through Pfizer's Global Health Partnerships, Pfizer supports the growth of promising cancer- and tobacco-control organizations united by the shared mission of accelerating the pace of progress in the fight against cancer," said Caroline Roan, vice president of Corporate Responsibility and president of the Pfizer Foundation. "Pfizer is proud to be awarded Best International Ambassador Award and for its commitment to foster a culture of results-oriented discovery and innovation."

The company was honored with the awards at this year's Business Civic Leadership Awards, which took place at the Corporate Citizenship Awards gala in Washington D.C. this past Thursday.