Personalizing recognition awards for employees

By Tucker Harrington

Summertime can make any employee glance out the window, and wish they were on a beach or by a pool. However, by hosting recognition awards this time of year for the professionals in an office that have done exceptionally well can boost productivity and loyalty to the employer and their company. In addition, if the employer personalizes the recognition award, it may take it a step further.

Engraving a unique message on a crystal trophy can be the perfect way for an employee to really feel appreciated. The extra step it takes for an employer or business owner to write a longer message on the award can be simple, and it will make the recipient feel as if they were truly awarded, and singled out solely to showcase their hard work in their profession.

The design of the award can also be different for each recipient, which is another way to promote productivity as employees feel their importance within the company. It may also result in individuals working harder in an attempt to receive the same recognition award.