Optometrist selected as recipient of the Ohio State University Alumni Medalist Award

By: Abigail Richards

Dr. Gerald E. Lowther was recently honored with a recognition award from his alma mater, Ohio State. The optometrist has traveled the world, taught at numerous colleges and has helped start optometry programs in two countries among other accolades, yet he never thought he’d receive one of these awards from his college, the Lancaster Eagle Gazette reports.

The worthy doctor was humbled when he was told he would be awarded the Ohio State University Alumni Association’s Alumni Medalist Award, the group’s highest honor.

“I thought maybe they made a mistake,” Lowther told the publication after hearing the news. “It really shocked me. It’s hard to believe that kid from southern Ohio would got on and get this award. I am very fortunate.”

The Alumni Association website reports this prestigious award is given out to “alumni who have gained national or international distinction as outstanding exponents of a chosen field or profession and who have brought extraordinary credit to the University and significant benefit to humankind. Only one award may be presented annually, and the Medalist may be selected from among nominees in this or any other award category.”

Lowther was nominated for the award by fellow alumni Dr. Jeffrey Myers, who has been impressed with Lowther’s commitment to helping people in the U.S. and around the globe.

“There’s a guy working to provide other countries with better vision,” Myers told the Lancaster Eagle Gazette. “That’s pretty inspirational.”