New Energy Works Timber Framers win Green Award

By Tucker Harrington

It was recently announced that New Energy Works Timber Framers, a construction company, has been awarded with the Green Builder Green Home of the Year Award for their Vermont Street Project, a timber frame home the contractors built in Portland, Oregon. 

The annual awards are given to the designer of the most eco-friendly homes in the country. The judges had to choose from 60 homes that were entered into the contest.

“This is a beautiful example of a timber frame; it’s cozy and well-built, and showcases a good use of reclaimed wood on the interior with wonderful attention to detail,” said the Green Builder judges about the Vermont Street Project.

The project that they were awarded for had four specific principles that the workers followed for each home they built. The principles were to ensure that the building was made of a long-lasting and thermally-efficient structure, advanced and proficient mechanical systems, sustainable structural and finish materials, and a plan customized for the family they were building the home for.