MVP award candidate Brady doesn’t believe he should be the choice

Brady appears to disagree he deserves the awardBy Abigail Richards

As the football season moves ahead toward the Super Bowl, there are already some rumblings with the players who could possibly earn a recognition award for their performance this season.

However, one player who may be skeptical with his name being thrown in the ring is Tom Brady, who some analysts believe could win his second NFL MVP award, according to USA Today.

When asked how he felt about the possible recognition, Brady said that he didn't believe it made a lot of sense, as there are currently a number of players on the field who could be better suited for the title.

"My feeling always is, the most valuable player award in a team sport doesn't make a lot of sense," Brady told the Boston Herald. "I can understand the most valuable golfer or something like that. But Michael Vick is a hell of a player, the best player for that team. He fits what they do. Peyton Manning fits what his team does well."

It looks as though we'll just have to see who will get the title this year, whether they believe they deserve it or not.